17 Sep '05 2:43 am
Cats from the neighbourhood, besides destroying my plants, they pee & poo leaving a stench. Now they are killing baby birds & eating them in my garden. I have tried all the usual - from citrus to amonia - to no avail. How can I get rid of them? I'm not talking about one or two cats BUT close to a dozen. I find the killing of young birds esp now in Spring, particularly distressing.HELP! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Camberwell, London

Cat deterrant

17 Sep '05 3:03 am
Oh dear, sounds like you're quite over-run :(

Webmaster Eggy reckons that if you fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar and spray the cat's fur, the next time they clean themselves it tastes gross (tho not harmful) and so they stay away. Haven't tested it but it sounds logical.

If that doesn't work, then this company's products keep winning awards: DeterAcat

gardening consultant
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Waterloo, Belgium

From a cat lover...

17 Sep '05 9:34 am
Dear friend, "bookpert"!

I can certainly share your problems, because I have grown up in a cat and animal-lover family! When I was little, seeing my own adorable pets bringing....proudly into the house tiny killed birds, I was crying non-stop for the rest two days, at least...I was very angry with ... "dear God" , who allowed this to happen!! Not with my pets!! Because, being an innocent-hearted child , I KNEW, I FELT, that my cats were not premeditated killers (like some humans...).

And I was certainly right! Because , my friend, the Felines(:cats) are created by the same Creator, who created you,to kill other animals and birds, in order to survive! And the food that we offer to our cats at home is made of killed animals -birds and others- you know...So!! You have to blame our Father, "dear God", for the poor killed birds and not the neighbors' cats.

Now: concerning the harm in the garden.I can completely undestand you!! Because I happen to live in a cat lovers area here in Belgium! My garden is a passing point of cats, especially males, who either fall in love with my Tina cat, or with my Nepeta plants (:Cat Mints),or with my garden in general! And some times they even enter in our house at night, running after my Tina (sexy ) cat! And then, it is the REAL nightmare!

Well.In order to face all this, every time I happen to perceive anyone of these... lovers in the garden, I clap my hands soooo loudly, that they just disappear within a moment like magic!!And every time they perceive ME from then on, I send them the angriest of my look, and they disappear almost flying! Once , in the summertime, I saw one of those loverboys while watering the garden, and he was surely watered completely himself!! He was NEVER seen again!

As you see, I try to convince you, that the whole situation is so ...natural, and that you only have to be a positive thinker, with lots of humor, and compassion for ALL of His Creation!! Because -don't forget- "dear God" is every body's and everything's loving Father and Creator!!

I wish you Peace and Love!



19 Sep '05 12:50 am
Thank you for your suggestions. They were at it all thru the night.... I was woken up several times when they triggered the sensor lights at the front & back of the house - finally I looked at the clock & it was 3am. Have mercy on me! I'll try the vinegar spray...thanks again.

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