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Tina, so tenderly , in the garden...

14 Sep '05 5:43 am
Me, working on my knees, head down,weeding the short Rose "Little White Pet". Tina sees me and approaches miawing tenderly and loudly....

"MR-r-r-r! MR-r-r!" I feel her soft touch on my belly while she caresses me with her back, passing underneath ,again and again..."Yes, my love, I do love you, too!.". "MR-r-r-r-r!". "Please, Tina! I try to work here!"." MR-r-r-r!"."A-a-apsi-i!!". I'm sneezing!! Her tail in my nose..."Please, darling!".

O.K. I stop.I take her tenderly in my arms. Eyes to eyes, nose to nose..She is purring loudly. She gives me a kiss. We make cheek to cheek...

She , suddenly, sees her mom a few meters away. She jumps down, tail up,
straight to mom! They salute each other happily with their noses...

Sometimes I wonder if I ever was a cat myself..I would love it! Oh! Yes!!
Tina, Juin 2005 002.jpg
Tina's cat tummy!

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