sadly departed cats

jane shepherd

sadly departed cats

2 Aug '05 7:35 am
:cry: sorry to see your beautiful ginger cat died so young...I can sympathise entirely. My beautiful big black 6 toed boy was sadly killed in the middle of the night on our narrow lane two months ago . I miss him dreadfully . you know you see a shadow and think it is him..we are waiting for a friends kittens to grow up enough for us to have one but it just wont be the same. Kenny the cat was known locally as the Beast of Melbury as he was so big and fearless....dogs..just something to be teased from the out-of-reach gatepost! he was a brilliant hunter and left little parcels of left overs on the doormat .outside luckily! the house and garden seem very empty without him and the wildlife is moving in fast! :x
kenny the cat

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cork, ireland

3 Aug '05 11:07 pm
I TOO SYMPATHISE WITH BOTH OF YOU. i got my first kitten when i was eight years old and she went to be be with me unitl last novermber, she had just passed the 18 mark! she was a white amercian shorthaired cat who i named Kitty (at eight years of age i wasn't very origional!) she battled hard through a few years of different illness' and neither of us ever gave up. her spot was on top of the dishwasher, preferring if it was on so she could feel the heat! i could never replace her and no other cat has ever ment so much to me. i now have a five month old pup, Jack, a white westie. Just like Kitty he is always up to some bother and keeps me entertained!

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18 Aug '05 8:45 am
Cats touch our lives in rather deep and lovely ways. I did so enjoy reading about Kenny the 'Beast' (beautiful photograph!), and Kitty - and like you both I know one just can't 'replace' a loved cat.

I still miss my little orange cat, even though I still have the other 4 who fill up my life (and my rooms!) My Stumpy cat loves sitting on the top of the television sky decoder (the wee thingy for our satellite TV) which is warm. I try to place ornaments up there to deter her, but she carefully squeezes in between them.

And here the (relatively) new puppy certainly runs me around, like Jack must!

Thanks so much, Jane and Nia, for writing and sharing this bitter-sweet little moment.

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