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Washing the Dog Country Style : Video Wanted

18 Apr '05 10:47 pm

In your latest journal entry you describe a novel method for country dog cleaning :

"I had to spend the last half hour throwing tennis balls into the water race for puppy (he chases them downstream, and gets clean in the process."

Could you please video this process using your newfangled digital gardening camera's VIDEO function? get 40+ seconds of footage of this and I'll squash it down for mcgTV. 640*480 please :)

If you don't want to get in front of the camera please enlist the services of a garden helper. No footage of puppies rolling in cow manure thanks.

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19 Apr '05 9:17 am
To get the very top of puppy's fluffy coat manure-free, I neglected to mention the throwing of same tennis balls into the Moosey pond, causing total immersion of the puppy. This happened at dusk, disturbing rooster who was trying to gain altitude into the latest roosting tree (which overhangs the pond).

What was that about a video?
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