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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

For Bex... return of the ducks :)

13 Mar '05 5:16 pm
Finally! The long lost ducks have returned :D

A few of them even stayed around for a pic :wink:
Ducks eating soggy bread in the duck circle ... yum

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Camberwell, London

Ducks ahoy

13 Mar '05 11:43 pm
Nice! Glad the ducks managed to show their beaks again, and long enough for a photo op :D

I like their fetching blue stripe. Do you know what type they are? And do they really have their very own circle?!

(I notice there are a couple of ads served with this post about duck hunting trips in Mexico :( I wonder if this is a popular sport...)

compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

14 Mar '05 4:39 pm
They are common mallards (I think), tho I don't think the boss (2nd from right above) would consider himself common! :D
The stripe is cool and it appears to be holographic to some degree, often changing colour slightly when viewed from different angles.

They do have their own circle (at least they think it is just for them) and it is where they get food...if they have been good and not pooped by the shed :D

Ick...I didn't see that advert. Sounds awful...and yes, duck hunting does seem a rather popular sport in the season :evil:

The ducks have an inkling when that season is tho cos they disappear and fly high :wink:
The Duck Circle :)

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