Claude and Casey

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Claude and Casey

8 Sep '12 9:07 am
Hello, Gabi! Claude was most certainly a cutie in that chair looking up at photographer saying: "What ever are you doing? Can't we just play with that clicky thing?" But my favorite is the one of them both sleeping, with Claude's paw lovingly on Casey's muzzle. Will go look at your other pictures.

I mentally and morphologically know how male and female kittens look. However, translating that information on a very young kitten is still a challenge, well and true. So I have to wait until they get a bit older! I did have to use a local society to pay those prices. My vet now charges some serious money just to neuter a male cat. Couldn't save multiple katkins at all with his prices. Gabi, just so you know, the. Hmmm. Was going to say majority of my kitties are barn cats (we live in the country,) but that is, sorrowfully, no longer true. Coyotes got dear Baby Holstun in July. So now the numbers are six barn cats and six house cats.That number of house cats is singularly astonishing because I am still married to hubband and not out on a road corner with all kitties and self holding signs saying "Will work for food." :)

Must say am duly impressed with you puter skills. Your icon is most lovely, and I just have to ask, is she one of your paintings? You complimented "my" icon kittie, compliment most deserved, but that is the loverly Miss Lilli-pus sauntering down one of Lady Moosey's charming, round-rock lined paths. I, still, lamentably and unfortunately, cannot post pictures unless I get hubband to help me. . . .


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Re: Claude and Casey

6 Sep '13 12:37 am
I seem to have lost the Dinner scene and the one of Claude using Casey as a bed. I cant see where there is any way to fix them, there is no uploading in "edit"
I'll put them here and hope I don't changed them again.

Er! There aren't any uploading here, either???? I'll put some in my page, OK?

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