Too Soon for a New Puppy?

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Too Soon for a New Puppy?

12 Sep '11 12:37 pm
Caught Non-Gardening Partner peeping at a Border Collie kennels website, looking at the puppies. Rusty is only seven years old! Eek! Too soon to get a new puppy? Hmm...
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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Too Soon for a New Puppy?

14 Sep '11 3:29 pm
Oh no you're in deep doo-doo now... could he be wanting a TWO dog family?!! :shock:

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Grandview, Texas

Re: Too Soon for a New Puppy?

23 Sep '11 5:17 am
Golly Gee!!!! TOO soon for a new puppy? Surely you jest! Of course I realize there is the chewing-all-in-sight, and wow-if-Mom-dug-in-this-it-must-be-something-fabulous stages, but hey he/she will have an older, sage, savvy mentor! And. Not to be ignored, Rusty will not be in the midst of his last stages, and will thoroughly enjoy romping when Lady Moosey gardens (at those times when this has been a great bore to him.) I know you know this already, but a female puppy would not face as much territorial resistance. And. Mercy, Lady M., just how badly do you want that tree house? Surely you perceive what a trump card new puppen-dog would be??!!??

love con mucho gusto,

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