October Week 2 -Peacocks

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Geraldine New Zealand

October Week 2 -Peacocks

10 Oct '04 10:10 am
Moosey was asking what do they sound like?.... to me it is exactly like someone being strangled and yelling "HELP".... the word help is quite distinctive in a highish sort of pitch.
Gorgeous bird , awful voice.
Their redeemimg feature, in the male at least, is when they display and I can't want to see Moosey's photo of that!

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peacocks and frogs

12 Oct '04 1:36 pm
I can't find the peacock, though it was definitely sighted zooming across our front paddock. Maybe it's moving on through?

There's a new froggish noise at nights now - but rather than a resonant croak it's a sort of low dull gargle - it's coming from the pond. My daughter tells me that frogs are an environmental indicator of the general health of an area. Well, we've had no frogs for four years, and now - possibly - some mutants?

I rather fancy a peacock lounging on a freshly mown lawn...
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

2 Nov '04 8:40 am
Peacocks are the most beautiful birds. I would love to have the white/silver ones... shame about the noise they make :?

They would look a treat in a blue/mauve/white garden :D

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