HELP - Is Durante erecta poisonous to Dogs?

21 Jun '04 8:20 am
Hi, I have a plant called Durante erecta and ive done reaserch on it and found that its berries are poisonous, but it only says humans. I have a dog and want to know if its poisonos to animals or dogs. :?: :( :?: :(


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Duranta Berries Poisonous to Dogs?

22 Jun '04 11:46 pm
The poisonous berries of Duranta Erecta and Duranta Repens contain chemicals called saponins and can be fatal if eaten, particularly by small children.

Saponins are nasty and not meant to be in anyones digestive system! A google search on saponin poisoning shows lots of cases of children, pet, stock and cattle poisoning cases caused by saponins :

Saponin Stock Poisoning - Australian Govt.
This would suggest that Duranta Berries shouldn't be eaten by dogs.

This is a good informative link on Duranta Erecta, and another on poisonous plants.

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Plants Poisonous to Dogs

23 Jul '04 11:44 pm
Hi -
I have just been doing some reading about a RHS Hampton Court Flower Show garden which was specifically designed for use as much by a dog as a gardener :)

Incuded in the sponsor's list of top tips was a list of plants to avoid as they are poisonous to your dog. The list doesn't mention Duranta Erectus, but there are quite a few others to avoid :(

Plants Poisonous to Dogs
Foxglove (poisonous leaves)
English ivy (leaves and berries)
Oleander (all parts)
Daffodils (bulbs)
Mistletoe (berries)
Azaleas and rhododendrons (all parts)
Rhubarb (leaves)
Lily-of-the-valley (leaves)
Rhus and euphorbia species (poisonous sap)
Caster oil plant (seeds)
Laburnum (seeds)
Yew (especially dried clippings)

The site does reassure the reader that dogs instinctively avoid these plants anyway, but advises to be cautious.

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