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Trap- Neuter- Return Programme!

16 Apr '07 8:25 am
I read today in Mary's Journals(front page), that the lovely kitten that our Moosey has been fostering, found some lovely parents and was named Harvey! At the very moment he was starting behaving as a member of the Moosey feline family -- sad ...Anyway....Kitten mission accomplished!

Then , I turned to read some latest News at the front page again, and discovered this extremely interesting article by Mary , called "Trap- Neuter - Return Programme"! It is a very humane method to control feral cats. Mary works as a volunteer and helps her good friend Judith in her great humane , animal-loving work! I enjoyed immensely this article, and found ALL the kitten photos gorgeous, but I mostly adored the handsome little Harvey's photo!!

You can read this article here: ... eturn.html

When I was still living in Greece, some "crazy cat ladies" - as they are called there...-- were working in a similar way , mainly with dogs --- some "cat ladies"! Some animal lover Organizations were trying to save the life of these dogs from horrible death by poisoning... After they were neutered, they were wearing a special collar saying they were not strays...After the Olympics,though, I learned that dogs were massively killed secretely and disappeared in certain central areas in Athens,collars or not collars, in order to present....a civilised situation of our country to the rest of the world --- Greece has no "dirty" strays...Civilized????!!!!!
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