Lookie what I got...

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South Louisiana

Lookie what I got...

1 Apr '07 5:14 am
Next door neighbor found this in her back yard. She didnt have her eyes open and this will be my 3rd squirrel that I have raised.
Isnt she adorable. As soon as she is eating solids she will return to the trees and be a squirrel instead of a spoiled rotten lil fuzzy human.
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1 Apr '07 9:53 am
She's looovely. We don't get squirrels here, so she looks even cuter than ever!
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Faith S
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Alabama, USA

Squirrel baby

2 Apr '07 1:45 am
Oh Angie, you are a tenderheart. Most poeple wouldn't take the time to hand raise a baby squirrel. They don't want to encourage them. We actually have two squirrels now. When we first moved to our property, we never saw a squirrel. Probably because there was a pack of Coyotes living in the woods at the rear of the property. They kept the small critter population down. I hardly ever hear Coyotes now that the area has grown up around us, so I guess the squirrels are regaining a foothold. We also have a few chipmunks (or is it chipmonk?)now.
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Waterloo, Belgium

2 Apr '07 7:13 am
Lovely baby AND Angie! ....And lucky Faith!! In my present garden only once I saw a red one, running hastily outside the kitchen door . In my previous home (3 minutes from here) with the small garden and the huge willow tree , they were an everyday spectacle up and down that beloved tree! They loved playing hide and seek...by two...
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Kent, England

3 Apr '07 2:18 am
Oh how adorable!!! And how lovely of you, Angie, to raise the little darling :D

We get one or two grey squirrels in our garden but I've never even seen a red one, so now I'm jealous of you, Liza! :wink: They're practically extinct in Britain I think, because of the greys in fact which were introduced from America and are just so much bigger and more hardy. There may be some still in Scotland but they're definitely declining because (if I've got my facts straight) they prefer woodland and aren't as successful in urban situations :( Anyway, I still love the greys, I think they're so cute!
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