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Waikato-New Zealand

Nocturnal visitor

30 Mar '07 10:12 am
A few years ago I was night Matron at a boarding school .Now everyone knows that teenage girls get hysterical with anything .One night they were woken by scuffling noises in the dark outside their dormitory window - O my ! What a fuss they made -shrieking in fear .Brave me investigated ,and found that a little hedgehog was crashing around with its head stuck in a yoghurt pot that one of the girls had carelessly thrown out the window!

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30 Mar '07 2:10 pm
My friend Judith waited and waited last week at her cat colony with her traps full of food. She says it's like going fishing - takes ages, nothing happens. After two hours, in the dark, checking with the torch - great excitement! but no - all she'd caught were two oversized hedgehogs! They're such funny creatures. Rusty the dog here loses his mind when he comes up against one - noises come from him that sound like he's caught his foot in a trap!
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Berkeley, California, USA

31 Mar '07 12:06 pm
Now that is a funny image, Dixie. An animal that could scarcely be cuter if he was designed to be running around with a yogurt container over his head while on the other side of a wall a room full of adolescent girls, each of whom dwarf the creature any number of times over, screams hysterically.

Honestly, if besides not eating the plants they actually eat slugs, I may just have fallen in love. We should be able to buy them in big burlap sacks the way we can buy sacks of ladybugs to set out in the garden. There may be money in this. Perhaps Monsanto will get involved and splice in a gene that will turn their poop to fertilizer. Heck it probably already is good fertilizer.
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Kent, England

3 Apr '07 1:56 am
Ah, poor little hedgehog! But it is funny that the girls should overreact so badly, although I suppose I can't talk - if any of you saw me when a daddy longlegs (sorry - cranefly!) came along, you'd probably all laugh just as much at me!! :lol:
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