Trouble in the garden...

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

Trouble in the garden...

19 Apr '04 5:59 pm
It comes in the form of a fat faced, white bummed :oops: pukeko! As much as I adore this bird he is fast becoming a pesky one.
How do I gently persude him that the new pond plants are not there for his benefit? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :?
He has munched his way through 3 Golden Taros, 2 Alocasias and 2 Iris :cry:

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New Zealand

20 Apr '04 8:41 am
hi Pumpkin-Pukekos can be pests of monumental proportions :evil:
We have 4 that live on 1 of our wet areas and do not come near the house garden.I have no idea :idea: how to control them.Apart from trapping them and relocating them to another place. :!:

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Camberwell, London

20 Apr '04 10:40 am
Juging by it's behaviour, I think I've had a visit from one of these creatures - ate the shoelaces off my walking boots when I was asleep inside the tent. Does that sound like familiar behaviour? :roll:

I'm ashamed to admit that I had no idea what a pukeko looks like so I investigated - rather amusing article on thise site: A descriptive article only tho - no hints given for how to stop them munching the garden up!

Even tho they are clearly pesky, they seem pretty cute :D

compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

22 Apr '04 6:47 am
hehe....they probably would chew on your laces Bx.....they're that cheeky!
They are cute .......just really destructive :twisted:

:cry:.....I snuck up to suprise him (trying scare tactics) and it backfired .....there are actually 5 of them. However, some success, we all got a big fright :D and they took off noisily ...don't like my chances of catching them chooky :mrgreen:

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