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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa


4 Jun '06 10:24 pm
I'll check on Veenwijk, Sjoerd - it was 11 years ago so details are rusty. I saw the Floriade with a friend in 2002(?): an American girl who was a member of our Rotary Club during her two years in SA, who returned to Den Haag to marry her Dutch fiance two weeks before my visit! It was a sort of combo - since I had once again missed Keukenhof! We had a lot of fun and she said afterwards that my enthusiasm had helped her make the adjustment to the thought of a life in Holland after the wide-open spaces of America and Africa! As for the English gardeners - probably you are right!

Hoorn, the Netherlands

5 Jun '06 12:09 pm
Ok Jack... I'm sort of curious now.
Nice story about the american girl that got married.
You just don't have any luck at all with the Keukenhof, do you.

I went to the 2002 Floriade as well.


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