Hoorn, the Netherlands

A Garden Tour of de Keukenhof - Holland

16 Apr '06 11:24 am
I would like to show some fotos of a nice garden complex here in Holland. In this country it is quite well-known and delightful to behold. It is so pleasant to stroll the paths from one group of flowers to the other on a soft and sunny Spring day. The best time to visit is normally the third week in May; however, with the extended coldness this year -- it will be difficult to guess when the blooming will peak.
I hope that you enjoy these fotos and will not find them too numerous or boring.
A general view
A general arrangement
The colours, oh the colours!
The path leads you to more plots of flowers...
The lighting was just right here.
Just keep following the pathes...
A lovely Keizerskroon (Fritillaria), as we call them.
....and finally these pretty things planted up against a tree trunk.
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spring flowers

16 Apr '06 1:02 pm
Sjoerd ...They`re GORGEOUS !!!

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Waterloo, Belgium

Gorgeous Keukenhof!

16 Apr '06 8:12 pm
I simply and absolutely agree with Dixie! Thank you for posting these photos , dear friend!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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blooming tulips!

17 Apr '06 7:46 am
lovely photos and gardens Sjoerd. I like the mix of closeups and distance shots you've chosen :)

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Hoorn, the Netherlands


18 Apr '06 10:41 am
Thank you Liza, Dixie and Eggy!
Such kind words are always nice to hear. But in terms of the piccies,to be honest it is difficult NOT to take nice fotos. The place really is so lovely to see.
Eggy: I used different types of fotos to give a small feeling that the viewer actually was taking a representative tour of the Keukenhof.
One can buy bulbs and plants like the ones found on the grounds in the shops there in the Keukenhof, but they are frightfully expensive. I did buy some unusual ones, but I got them on the floating flower market in Amsterdam for a much less expensive price.
I will show them if they bloom properly. They are coming up, but with this cold we've been having, they may be stunted or misformed. We'll see.

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beautiful flowers

1 May '06 8:48 pm
You say the best time to visit is the third week of May? Well, well, well! I'd love to see these flower displays in person - who knows? It just may be possible!
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Hoorn, the Netherlands

Flowers in May

2 May '06 4:18 am fingers are crossed to the point of breaking for you... difficult to eat this way, and supper's coming! :shock:

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2 May '06 7:51 pm
Hi Sjoerd, thanks for taking us on that lovely garden tour - the flowers are magnificent and so colorful!

Hi Moosey, haha! I sensed something good ahead for you :D when I read your earlier post asking Eggy to get his BBQ organised! All the best in your forthcoming hols!

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3 Jun '06 3:13 am
Belatedly I have looked at your post, Sjoerd, and what lovely pics!(Thanks again Eggy!) I was once only a week late to see Keukenhof - I nearly cried, because, as I've told you, with us tulips are seriously exotic!!

However the last time I was in Holland I saw the... oeps, wat? The once a decade show... the FLORIADE, I think it was called. It was quite magnificent! And I have been to your flower auction and to the famous - is it Veenwyk??? - where so many of the young trees are grown for international export. A wonderful, amazing country: so small, so full of people, and yet so RURAL! (And I think more plant-mad than the English!)

Hoorn, the Netherlands

4 Jun '06 12:20 pm
What an absolute shame that you missed the Keukenhof...being a tulip appreciater, you would have been in 7th heaven. heh heh heh. surprising that you made the Floriade one year. Was it lucky thatit wason when you came , or did you plan it? My wife and I went to the last one and spent all day there.

Didn't you like the flower auction? I find it a facinating place. I'm sure that you went to see the bidding hall...but what I find particularly interesting is what happens down on the floor in the flower staging area. The way that it's all computer mediated, those trollys carrying the flowers from where they are stacked up and stalled-out to the auction floor...all by computer alone...all done on time and in the correct order. Truly an amazing thing to see.

I am not at all familiar with the tree thing in Veenwijk. I hate to say, but I have never heard of it.

Your kind words about my country just makes me swell with pride. I do so dearly love my country and am always happy and when I hear someone who is not Dutch make complimentary comments about it. It is quite nice to hear when someone sees positive things in our society. You know how it is... one sees things in their own society that he likes or feels are good...but when someone from outside the culture also appreciates these attributes--well, of course it makes you feel good.

Plants and gardening are things of enormous importance here...but if we are more plant-mad than the British...I don't know. Do you think it's possible? Ha ha ha.


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