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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Kerole's Rambles

24 Jan '16 9:26 am
Our tank does not filter really small stuff like bacteria. The water comes from a rain-water fed tributary of a stream, 25 kilometers up into the mountains. The source is protected from the odd, mad, pig hunter that may travel those inhospitable areas.

I know Legionnaires disease can be caught by inhaling steam or mist of affected water, and also another nasty disease that comes from inhaling fish tank water. I have never heard of either being found in house water tanks.

Every now and then we have the tank water tested and it has always been pristine.

Canberra, Australia

Re: Kerole's Rambles

26 Jan '16 10:28 pm
This was the story. The bad news is it's so rare no-one knows about it, but I suppose the good news is it's so rare no-one knows about it.


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