Happy Amongst the Gum Trees

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Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Happy Amongst the Gum Trees

31 Oct '08 7:55 pm
A lot of people say you can't grow anything under Eucalyptus trees. Well, here are some pictures of a bush garden in the Blue Mountains of NSW which show just how happy some exotics (in this case mostly Azaleas and Rhododendrons), can be in the company of Gum Trees.
PA251528 (Large).JPG
PA251530 (Large).JPG
PA251541 (Large).JPG
PA251543 (Large).JPG
PA251550 (Large).JPG
PA251560 (Large).JPG
PA251562 (Large).JPG

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Taupaki, New Zealand

1 Nov '08 7:42 am
Crikey those plants really are happy! What a gorgeous setting.

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Waikato-New Zealand

gum trees

2 Nov '08 5:20 am
I am amazed as I didn't think anything grew under them.The shrubs are gorgeous.

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Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

2 Nov '08 4:35 pm
Dixie you're not alone in thinking that way but, in the bush around where I live, understorey plants grow right up against the trunks of Gum Trees, and, in my own garden, I grow daffodils, Geraniums (Cranesbills), Geums and Daylilies around a large Scribbly Gum, with Conifers and Roses just a metre or two away. In my native garden, I grow too many plants to list and all of them would be near Gum Trees.

Some people grow climbing roses and Wisteria up the trunks of Gum trees and it can look very pretty, but I care too much for the trees to do that to them.

Canberra, Australia

2 Nov '08 7:47 pm
Wonderful photos.

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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Gums aren't that bad...

9 Nov '08 5:06 am
We have several huge gums in our garden and although we avoid planting choice specimens under them, I would not say that one CAN'T garden under them. I have a row of about 20 Jacques Cartier roses that make their way directly towards one of the big gums. Those closest to it are definitely after 4 years the weakest; however we started planting from the far side, and its only human to pick the strongest plant first... so who knows.

Our gum sweepings are not put in the compost heap. Instead they have been dumped in the same spot for over 25 years, creating a level area where there was a slope. I should dig down and see what we've got - and have it analysed
View across valley.jpg
One of our gums that we garden under.

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27 Jul '09 5:25 pm
I like the red color tree very much. I don't know where the trees are situated. I never saw this type of trees before except in films.

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