Mt Wilson

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Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Mt Wilson

30 Sep '08 5:00 pm
Last Spring I visited Mt Wilson in the NSW Blue Mountains. This small, unpretentious village is a pleasant 20 minute drive from where I live and is known for its gardens. I only managed to get around one garden in the morning and another after lunch. Can't not stop for lunch! You can see the pictures I took on

I'll be adding more pictures as I visit more gardens.

Canberra, Australia

1 Oct '08 12:41 am
Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more.

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Waikato-New Zealand

visiting MtWilson

1 Oct '08 6:25 am
Thanks for sharing this garden,Waratah.Australia certainly has some fabulous and unique styles.I will not forget visiting a farm at Bowral where a terrible bush fire had gone through.I was amazed to see lots of young,flowering Waratah trees emerging form the ground.I loved them and bought and planted one when i got home,but sadly it didn't make it through our frosts here.
I miss'Burkes back yard' terribly-it was my favourite programme on TV as he used to visit gardens all over the place,as well as meet amazing people.

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Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

You're Welcome

1 Oct '08 2:03 pm
Thanks MacFlax and Dixie,

I don't know why photobucket shows the date I took the pictures as March 2005. I don't think I even had a digital camera then. And Wisteria in March? I don't think so. Maybe a certain gardener didn't set the date properly!!! I've got a new camera now so I'll never know.

Waratahs grow in the bush around here but can be difficult in cultivation because they like perfectly drained soil and a protected position. They also love a thick mulch of Banksia Serrata leaves which is what they get in the bush. Fortunately, I have an old, 'Old Man Banksia' in my backyard under which I grow a Waratah and, so far so good.

Yes a lot of people miss BBY but I think it had had its day. Having said that, there's nothing any better. What are gardening programmes like in NZ?

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Taupaki, New Zealand

2 Oct '08 8:47 am
I too loved the pics of your garden travels. I'm more than a bit envious at all the orderly behaviour of the plants - my spring garden is a riot of weeds and bulbs and sprouting plants all behaving badly!

We used to have Maggie's Garden Show on TV for years and years until Maggie retired. Sadly the show has never been replaced with anything of a similar kind. Now we only get the odd short run of NZ House & Garden (lots of house and not much garden) and garden make-over shows where they lay tons of pavers and mass plantings. I've always wondered why Sky doesn't have a gardening channel!

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