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Canberra, Australia

Re: flower festival

16 Aug '10 4:54 pm
skar88 wrote:It's flower season in the city of Pines - perfect timing for an all-out fiesta in the streets. The Baguio folk take a break on these days to revel in the cool climate and the unique culture of the city. Multi-hued costumes are worn, mimicking the various blooms of the highland region (or any of its 11 ethnic tribes). These are flowerbeds - disguised, of course, as the Panagbenga parade floats.

Do a google search and see how many travel websites THAT shows up in. :lol: You call that a contribution to this forum? I call it copy and paste. Plagiarism maybe? Even stealing copyright? I don't think you're allowed to do things like that skar88. [-X

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Re: flower festival

23 Feb '11 2:21 am
wow-- and wow-- beautiful pix-- i love them alll- have a dirty day:-) judy


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