A large country garden

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Waikato-New Zealand

A large country garden

30 Dec '07 1:50 pm
Today we visited Smiley's sister.She has a country garden of an acre-a lot of work.Garden groups are frequent visitors.She bought this home only 5 years ago,and set to work creating an amazing garden.
I took a couple of photos of her Pepper trees for you.
the garden is only 5 years old,though some of the structures were already here,such as this rose arch
sweeping lawns are cut with a ride-on mower
A surprise Californian poppy came with a punnet of golden ones-the seed is carefully saved from this one
pepper tree.JPG
Pepper tree
Another Pepper tree-it is good for landscaping with other plants as it does not affect their growth.
Bart accompanied us around the garden

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Poppies and baubles

30 Dec '07 9:58 pm
I love the way she has combined natural shapes and pruned spheres, especially in the pepper tree pic. Now that is the level of control and artifice I would like to see in my garden. :roll: (where is the *sigh* emoticon?) And what a lovely California poppy. I always eye but have never planted the seed of what they call the 'silk series' here - I only have the standard orange and the very lovely buttery cream that we spoke of some months ago. It combines particularly well with the rich smoky pinks and deep burgundy of the Old Roses - something the orange does NOT do!

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31 Dec '07 6:45 am
The garden pictures are amazing for such a short time beinjg a garden, if you know what I mean! Are the pepper trees actually clipped into shape? that's a jolly good idea, they have such great foliage. I've never thought to clip them - not that I remember to clip anything until it's way too large, anyway! Cheers.
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Beautiful garden!

1 Jan '08 10:23 am
It reminds me somewhat of Liza's wonderful garden. How nice for you to have another gardener in the familly, Dixie. I'm being called to lunch but I'm coming back to study these closer.
Mark in California

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