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My neighbours - Cheerio Gardens

7 Sep '07 9:32 pm
Back in the 70s I remember going to see the neighbour's open garden and saying: she's crazy! She's changed the whole valley into a garden! I will tell you the story in more detail at a later stage. Time presses right now. All I'll add before posting a first few shots is to say that being higher up the valley than we are, much of their garden is above the frost line, and they are a good 2 weeks ahead of us after this VERY cold, late winter. However the last week has been warm - hot, in fact - and winter is over at last!
Cheerio Drive.JPG
The approach road, upgraded two years ago because of all the traffic during the Spring Fair - and because the current owner, nephew-in-law to the creator, is the province's biggest road engineer!
Amazing rhododendron.JPG

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8 Sep '07 9:59 am
Ha! Gardening women are never ever crazy, even if what they try to do seems to be... And what a beautiful name for a garden! more pix, when you have time, would be great! Thanks Jack.
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Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa


10 Sep '07 7:11 pm
This is one of the best magnolias I know - I assume a particularly good M.x Soulangiana (sp?), but perhaps someone has other ideas?

This is all a bit cryptic, as I'm doing it "in between" work!
Magnolia 1.JPG
Magnolia 2.JPG
Magnolia 3.JPG
Magnolia 4.JPG
Magnolia 5.JPG

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

more pics from Cheerio Gardens

10 Sep '07 8:08 pm
First come the crab-apples. Later come the flowering cherries. All the way there are the azaleas.
Azaleas and crabapples - a whole valley full.JPG
Azaleas and crabapples - a whole valley full 2.JPG
All down the valley.JPG
Near the lowest point of the darker V, 1/3 from the left, the two tall bluegums across from my parents' house stand out against the further hill which is still in the sun. Cheerio gardens lie spread out below you.

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What a joyful display!!

10 Sep '07 9:50 pm
Wow, Jack!! What a beautiful display of early Spring colour!! I bet, there are Springtime sweet scents, too, all over...The capture of Magnolia on the sky is SO pretty!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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Delightful Neighbors

11 Sep '07 2:07 am
How fortunate you are to have such wonderful garden neighbors. And, by the way, I can think of someone else who might have turned their whole huge property into a garden. Any idea who? So who's crazy now?
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11 Sep '07 6:31 am
Magnolias have such elegant blooms-I have three and eagerly await.One-white magnolia stellata- has flowered already and the others have lovely big buds.I like the photo set against the blue sky,Jack

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Kent, England

12 Sep '07 2:31 am
Now that's what I'd like to see one day when I wander about my "grounds" (dreaming again! :roll:) I particularly love your "All down the valley" photo as it looks like everything has turned a lovely, subtle shade of pink! Gorgeous!
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Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Cheerio Gardens on a spring morning

25 Sep '07 10:13 pm
Last Saturday, as I've said elsewhere, we had a Rotary function at Cheerio Gardens. On Sunday the dogs and I walked up early to capture the beauty of these gardens in all their splendour. Between us and them lies Cheerio - it is a triangular piece of ground which comes down to a stream frontage of not more than 250m. And in this first post we are making our way up through Cheerio towards the piece de resistance. Azaleas overwhelm one -and I've included many small pics of overwhelming azaleas along the way.
Walking through Cheerio to Cheerio Gardens.JPG
Azaleas 1.JPG
Azaleas 2.JPG
Azaleas 3.JPG
Azaleas 4.JPG
Azaleas 5.JPG
Azaleas 6.JPG
Azaleas 7.JPG
Azaleas 8.JPG
Azaleas 9.JPG
Azaleas 10.JPG
Azaleas 11.JPG
In the hopes of giving Moosey pleasure, some phormiums.JPG
Australian tree ferns in foreground andSouth African behind - much more robust.JPG
I call as we approach other people - and the pups come running.JPG
Looking up across their lower dam wall into the heart of the garden.JPG
Looking across the lower dam.JPG
The terraces below the house where once South African bulbs were propogated.JPG
Looking across from the terraces to the carpark with visitors arriving.JPG
Looking from the drive to the original house towards the upper dam and up the valley.JPG

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

The Piece de Resistance

25 Sep '07 11:28 pm
A famous South African scene - the azalea bank at Cheerio Gardens in full force.JPG
One of the reasons my bank is white is that I could never compete with this.JPG
Tea garden overlooking the azalea bank.JPG
A group of visitors on a photographic course arrive and are instructed EXACTLY how to photograph the view.JPG
I hope they had time to enjoy the sight.JPG
We met Monty there. He was part of the instruction team.JPG
Such overwhelming profusion...JPG


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