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Overwhelmingly beautiful!

26 Sep '07 3:10 am
To borrow your oft-repeated phrase, Jack. The word is quite appropriate here.
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Seas of colourful Azaleas..

26 Sep '07 6:28 am
Jack, if I could ever be there myself, or in a similar blessed place, I think I would feel like in Keukenhof tulip Park in Holland : speechless, and breathless...There , too, you could see seas of Azaleas , like seas of Tulips, the clean sparkling waters, becoming of the same colour as the nearby blooms..I just feel like posting again that Keukenhof mesmerizing photo. But I have to search in my image files first.

I found four of them, of Azaleas and Tulips! Here:
Mesmerizing Keukenhof Tulip Park!.jpg
Mesmerizing Keukenhof Tulip Park! (1).JPG
Mesmerizing Keukenhof Tulip Park! (2).JPG
Mesmerizing Keukenhof Tulip Park! (3).JPG
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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Just stunning

28 Sep '07 9:18 am
Ive only just discovered this post and just had to tell you
how much I enjoyed these pics.
Makes my azaleas look pitiful :( ... whats the secret?

Absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

29 Sep '07 9:28 am
Absolutely incredible! My fav - the photo with the cherry trees - awesome.

And tulips! Such colour! Mesmerizing indeed!

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Kent, England


1 Oct '07 11:40 pm
Wow, Jack! Those azaleas are simply stunning - so delicate yet bold in their profusion and colour!

And Liza, your tulip photos are just as gorgeous - that Keukenhof park looks like a wonderful, peaceful place to sit and enjoy nature.
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Go find a door that opens wide
Upon a beautiful garden."
Author Unknown

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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Return to Cheerio

2 Oct '07 6:21 pm
It is wonderful, isn't it!

And on Sunday afternoon with visitors I went for a walk and we decided to continue up through Cheerio to Cheerio Gardens where I took some very evocative pictures. Here they are.
Walking to Cheerio Gardens in the mist.JPG
The most beautiful of all the cherries - must plant more...JPG form an avenue to walk under in my advanced old age!.JPG
and closer detail.JPG
The most OTT mollis azalea imaginable.JPG
More subtle when one can see the exquisite structure.JPG
Appleblossom at its most delicate.JPG
Moody mists.JPG
In the supersoft light even Kanzan looks delicate.JPG
Avenue of cherries and azaleas.JPG
Ukon - one of the most subtle of cherries.JPG
An oriental meditation.JPG
Icon in the mist.JPG
On our way back, looking across to the cherries we walked under on the way up.JPG

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Kent, England

3 Oct '07 12:59 am
Jack, you really have to stop spoiling us with these gorgeous photos - I'm using up so much space on my computer as I'm having to save virtually every one!! Hee hee, only kidding - please don't stop! :D
"If you'd have a mind at peace
A heart that cannot harden
Go find a door that opens wide
Upon a beautiful garden."
Author Unknown

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Berkeley, California, USA

More spoiling! More spoiling!

3 Oct '07 4:11 pm
The color is tremendous, like a very rich, sweet dessert. Yummy. I have to tell you my favorite photo was the second one at the pond, beside the one with the picnic tables. In that picture, near where the people are standing you can just see the most magnificent tree fern tendrils unfurling. Looks like a Cyathia perhaps. I love their folliage and the patterning on their trunks.

Your dogs are clearly well trained in the art of providing scale for your photos. My Sophie does a good job with that as well but I think your team works very well together.

Happy Springing!

Mark in California

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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Re: My neighbours - Cheerio Gardens

29 Mar '11 11:19 pm
Let's come alive again...

A friend of wine. Oops. That should have read: 'a friend of mine', but she'll appreciate that very freudian slip, because on a qwerty keyboard that can't be called a typo...

Let's try again. A friend of mine has a very lovely, interesting and, yes, random gardening webpage that is worth looking at:

She was researching Cheerio Gardens (my neighbours) when she came across this thread which I had forgotten about long ago... She asked me some questions and I thought, rather than copy the answers to my own blog ( ) let me keep all this info together. Perhaps it will be found by other people wishing to visit our area...

Box Thompson was the owner of this land. She had trained at Kew and served in the army during the war. Today the ground belongs to her niece's family. The family has been in the immediate area since the late 19th century. So here goes:

Back in the 70s Box’s garden was not only the centre of the Spring Festival, it WAS the Spring Festival. Run by the Haenertsburg Garden Club, directed by (some might say bullied by) the formidable Jackie Jackson, the garden opened for 10 days at the end of September and beginning of October to coincide with the school holidays and the azaleas and flowering cherries. Teas were served from what is now the lower cottage, the garden club ladies bringing in the most scrumptious cakes and scones and serving them bazaar style from a central selling point. Assorted tables and chairs were set out under the glorious cherries, and a relay of people carried their cups and plates to any available parking point, whilst little children ran around squealing with delight at the millions of fallen flowers littering the ground, or picking Primula malacoides which carpeted stray corners with mauve sheets. The profits were plowed into the construction of the Garden Cottages, a uniquely Haenertsburg phenomenon: a series of some 20 cottages, to be occupied by pensioners of limited means, mainly locals. To this day it is one of the most striking aspects of our community. Jackie Jackson was well into her nineties when she still ran the Cottage community with an iron fist, interrogating any of the inhabitants who wanted to go on holiday about how long they would dare to be away, ‘for who was going to look after their garden?’

Before and after tea one wondered around the garden. Garden is in many ways a misnomer. To a large extent the garden was azalea nurseries that were never sold. And so the next season’s cuttings simply went a little further out. Meanwhile the paths were lined with assorted trees, some grown from seed, other choice gifts and imports – there are trees in Box’s garden the likes of which I don’t know elsewhere. And their story, where it can still be traced, ought to be told...

Until the early sixties Box had specialised in indigenous bulbs, especially of the summer rainfall area, but the growing amount of shade from her trees, and the discovery of these delicacies by a growing population of porcupines, made her move on. I don’t know if she ever showed any profit...

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Re: My neighbours - Cheerio Gardens

30 Mar '11 7:52 am
What a lovely bit of background to such an old, established garden. Box - what an interesting name!

And I've added Porcupines to the list of animal invaders that New Zealand gardeners do not have to worry about!


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