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Giverny (and while we're at it: Sissinghurst)

6 Apr '07 9:23 pm
There seems to be a 'famous gardens I have seen' run on at the moment, so let me add some shots I took in July 2004 of the painter Claude Monet's garden where his famous waterlily paintings were done. I had planned on not taking a camera to Europe at all, then at the last moment threw in a point-and-shoot that had been a freeby with a Time subscription. What amazed me was just how unbad many shots were! I then had them all transferred to digital and had my first experience of 'fiddling'.

What struck me most about Giverny is how compositions sprang at one. The interaction between curves, with the rounded leaves and patches of waterlilies always dominant, made me take endless shots of basically the same sight - to such an extent that I have few good pics of the main garden.

Then when it came to 'fiddling' I found myself lifting compositions from the master shots... and that is what I include here: one master and five details taken from it. Giverny is an easy train ride from Paris, then a pleasant walk, and well worth adding to your Paris itinerary.

And whilst talking visits: do you know the wonderful pics of Sissinghurst at http://www.invectis.co.uk/sissing/ ? The only garden on the web better illustrated (because better sorted!) than Eggie's pics of Beth Chatto's garden - googling which, I first came upon Mooseys...
The lilypond at Giverny.jpg

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa


6 Apr '07 9:34 pm
Here are the detail shots (Had a blonde moment :roll: )
A first detail from the master shot.jpg
Second detail.jpg
Third detail.jpg
Fourth detail.jpg
Fifth detail.jpg

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9 Apr '07 1:22 pm
That's an extremely good shot considering the camera. I love the way you've taken it. You have the knack of getting everything where it ought to be. :)

The detail shots work well too.

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