Purplish, Green plant???


Purplish, Green plant???

13 Oct '06 3:34 pm
I'm not sure what this plant is. Can anyone give me an idea by looking at the leaf I scanned. (I don't have camera handy.) Any suggestions if very helpful. I'm stumped. The leaves feel rough, almost like paper. It is very pretty to me. Maybe because I've never seen one like it. I'm not even sure if the plant is supposed to look like this or it's being deprived of something.
This is the front of the leaf. Some leaves are more dark purple than green, unlike this one.
This is the back of the leaf. They are a very light colored purple.

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14 Oct '06 12:28 am
Is it perhaps heuchera?
http://images.google.co.za/images?q=heu ... rch+Images can lead you to a Google Image search for Heuchera and from there you could explore possibilities. It is a lovely plant! Enjoy!


Oh, yes...Thank you very much...

14 Oct '06 12:21 pm
I looked on the link you showed me and I ended up finding out that is is a type of heuchera called a Geisha's Fan. Thank you very much. Now I can take care of it the way I need to. I get attached to my plants and I really didn't want it to die. Thank you again.

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