Tall green stalk, big leaves, spikey buds. What is it?!?!

3 Sep '06 5:16 am
I just came to visit my parents in Southern Ontario, and they showed me this big plant growing up in the backyard. They didn't plant it themselves, and my father says it grew up from nothing to just over 6' tall in a month or so, and thinks it's a weed of some sort. They're curious to know what it is, so they don't want to pull it out yet, but if it gets any bigger it will soon block access to the basement door! It's got a green stalky stem, broad green leaves, and little crown-shaped buds that somtimes have a yellow part poking out that will probably flower sooner or later. I've attached pictures. Any ideas?

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Kentucky, U.S.A.

3 Sep '06 5:56 am
dewfack, it is "velvet weed" which is not native to North America and is a serious problem for farmers. It reseeds prolifically and will come up everywhere. Google "velvet weed" and read about it. I would take it out carefully so the seeds don't fall, bag it and send it to the local waste facility. It is a cousin to the beautiful Abutilons. I succumbed to its promising charm years ago and am still fighting its invasion here at Crocker Croft.


Good to know!

3 Sep '06 8:24 am
Thanks for your reply Bobbie. I did Google it like you suggested and found some more info on the Velevet Weed. Luckily there's only one in the yard now, so I'll go take it out as soon as it stops raining out. Good luck with your invasion!

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