Can someone help identify this plant please?

19 Aug '06 1:08 pm
I got this at a plant sale, it was marked Begonia--but I don;t think that is what it is, I have seen begonia varities that kind of resemble this put not entirely, mine has red backs to the leaves and the begonias I have seen on the web don't. Does anyone else have one like this? I would like to enter it in the local fair but need a name first! :wink:
flower 2.JPG
flower 1.JPG

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unidentified flowering object

19 Aug '06 9:46 pm
My screen is very dark -- and I am not tuned-in to try and alter it, but it looks like Begonia Rex? Gerry

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Mystery plant

20 Aug '06 1:16 am
I think you're probably right, Gerry, I'm sure it's a Begonia.

My Mum has some as house plants and they have red backs to their leaves, and small-ish flowers. They trail a bit more than yours, I think, but the leaves are pretty much the same shape and they have those pale marks on the tops too.
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20 Aug '06 7:09 pm
I think its a Begonia but not a Rex. It looks like one of the 'Cane Like' group. Havent been able to find an image on Google the closest I can find is B.Patriot Games. Have a look anyway and you will see the red underleaves.

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blueyesinpa's begonia

30 Aug '06 3:36 am
blueyesinpa, Gerry, Bambi, goose, you are all correct, it is definitely a begonia as blueyesinpa was told. And a cane variety is going down the right path. I think you might have a nice specimen of Hemsley's Begonia, originally from Vietnam and China.

In the states we have a nurseryman who is quite a character. His catalog comes out twice a year and so far I’ve been privileged to receive them (because I spent money there!). His catalogs are amusing reads. Tony Avent‘s business is Plant Delights Nursery located near Raleigh, North Carolina, 27603. I order from there on-line. That address is: I share this info in case a reader is interested in checking him out. He specializes in unusual and interesting plants from all over the world. And, blueyesinpa, your begonia is in his catalog.

Here is what he has to say about it: "Begonia hemsleyana (Hemsley’s Begonia) Light Shade. Zone: 7b-9. 12 inches tall. Origin: China, Vietnam. We have been amazed at the winter hardiness of many of the Chinese begonias, and B. hemsleyana is no exception. This small-growing species from the mountains of Yunnan, China and into north Vietnam can be found growing in shaded woodlands from 4,000-6,000 feet elevation. B. hemsleyana is composed of upright fuzz, dark red stems to 1 foot tall, adorned with dark olive-green, red-backed palmate leaves...often speckled white. Each 18 inch wide clump can be easily tucked in between ferns and other woodland plants for a unique textural contrast. In our climate, B. hemsleyana doesn’t emerge until mid-late June." (End Quote) He charges $15.00 USA dollars for a plant in a pot that is 24 fluid oz. (709.77 ml)

I may be in trouble for taking up so much of Moosey’s space, but I very much wanted to share all that about that lovely plant. Please let me know what you think after you check it out on his web site catalog. Do you think that is the one?? If so, now you can put it in the show with confidence. Just curious, blueyes, are you in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.?

I’ve missed all of you lately. I’ve been so busy with creating my own web site, I’ve gotten too far behind with my Moosey reading. It’s good to be back.

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Welcome, Blueyesinpa!

1 Sep '06 4:26 am
I think your plant is commonly known as Angel Wing Begonia of the Cane Begonia Group. It's botanical name is Begonia Coccinea. However, since there are many hybrids, do go through these collections at to identify your plant. Hope this helps.

Here's a photo of my plant, whose leaves' formation slightly differs from yours. I didn't know that there were so many hybrids until I googled for the most relevant site to assist you in identifying yours. Now, looks like I have to rename my plant too :!: :roll:
Angelwing Begonia.JPG

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2 Sep '06 3:47 am
Oooops, sorry. I thought it looked palmate in the photo; that's why I thought it looked like the red-backed palmate leaves found here ... 05594.html I think the angel wing begonias are the prettiest. All I have is what I believe to be an old species of rex and a beef steak. I barely have room for those two indoors, so I enjoy looking at yours.

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No apology needed!

3 Sep '06 4:55 am
My dear Bobbie, don’t feel sorry! Your intentions were noble. In this gardening community, we try our best to help one another and in helping, we’re enriched ourselves. For example, by you introducing the Hemsley’s Begonia, I’ve learnt of a new plant and thus inspired me to seek further when I thought it wasn’t the correct name for Blueyesinpa's plant. In googling for the answer, I’ve acquired more knowledge about begonias and ended up naming my very own begonia too! Likewise, by your sharing, you've been given insights to a lovely collection of Angel Wing Begonias :) Isn’t that great? giving, you receive!

Hmm...looks like you’re better off than me, having two species of begonias :) ! I currently have only one variety, Angel Wing Begonia ‘Dream Lover’ (I think that’s its name based on the collections at the pbase website I indicated earlier). I’ve bookmarked this lovely website to return for further viewing when I’m free, it has many garden galleries to delight! Worth looking into :wink:

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Could it be Begonia 'Sierra Gentle Rain'...

16 Sep '06 6:46 pm
with deeply lobed leaves like yours....Blueyesinpa? I'm not sure whether you've been able to identify the cultivar of your angel wing begonia yet! :roll:

While surfing the internet this morning, I chanced upon this wonderful website ... _to_L.html and bingo!...there was your lovely plant smiling at me :wink: There's a great and lovely collection of begonias and other plants too to delight your heart! \:D/ \:D/

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Bringing this back ...

15 Dec '06 6:32 am
... hello, everyone! I am bringing this thread back as it's of great interest to me. I agree the specimen in question is a cane Begonia. However, rather than being an Angel Wing Begonia because of its deeply lobed leaves I believe it to be the 'Sierra Gentle Rain' on the Kartuz site, which I think is a wonderful site and have visited often.

Here is my Angel Wing, the baby of the original I left in England. I worked in an Atrium and the parent plant reached the next floor up and was too big to transport here so I took a cutting. The original one, Tiny Tim, is now living with a friend of mine and is about 25 years old. The baby, Walter Trout, is now five years old, and has lived outside here permanently for three years. I guess the flower clusters are about a foot long.
Walter Trout 1.JPG
Begonia, Cane.JPG

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