Large plant. Small thin leaves and small purplish flowers

8 Aug '06 1:01 am
Does anybody know what this plant is? I live in the UK Midlands area and the garden is south facing and gets the sun all day. I don't know where it came from, but it grows back every year after harsh pruning. (I cut it right back to ground level). It is about five feet tall and three across


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Wiltshire, UK

27 May '08 9:16 am
Can you get a picture as the image you posted was a dead link? My thoughts are buddleja.

Here is a link to a description and picture

Let me know if I guessed right. I only guess as I cut them every year at work and they grow back, they love it. It is also known as a butterfly bush because they simply love the flowers.

Well hope this helps

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27 May '08 6:57 pm
A silly guess from me - there are some shrubby salvias which sound like your description. And they can grow quite large. But I don't know if they'll grow like that in the Midlands.

Would you be able to post the picture in this forum? Then lots of other gardening detectives will get a chance to show off their skills!
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Picture please.

15 Jun '08 1:58 am
I wasn't able to access the address to see the photo. Teen's guess seems to fill the bill except for the flower size. Of course the individual flowers are small but I should think there are so many packed on each flowering spike that the impression is of being larger.
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30 Jun '09 4:14 pm
Same problem here.The link content is empty.Can you share some photos of the plant for us to help you identify them?

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