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Asia Flower, Could possible grown in Green House on summer ?

4 Aug '06 3:17 am
Very nice i like it, Also Could be grow in Green house in Winter ?
like it very much lovely flower
Copy of 2005_1008Image0012_small.jpg

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4 Aug '06 3:23 am
Sakura Flower, they grow a lot in Japan wheater very cold in winter.
may be possible, But i don't belive it could grow in Green House, It really Big tree

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4 Aug '06 3:25 am
This one too, still know know name

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello Idelsonar...

5 Aug '06 7:23 pm
and welcome!

Hehe...I know that yellow flower :) I have it in my garden too! Its botanical name is Zephyranthes and commonly known as Rain Lily, Fairy Lily or Zephyr Lily. There are many cultivars of various colours. Your yellow cultivar is Reginae.

These are recent photos of my blooms. I love...them. They're non-stop bloomers and propogate themselves :wink:
502_0240 zephr. reginae.JPG
502_0242 zephr. reginae2.JPG

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8 Aug '06 5:15 am
Hello, jacqueline

thank you for flower information, that flower i got photo from Thailand.
Also it have in pink color too. so very like that.

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