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Always Curious and Seeking......

20 Apr '06 6:16 pm
That's my nature, my dear Liza! Thank you..thank you..so much for bearing up with me and helping me to solve the 'mystery'! Yes, as you said "it feels good when searching...", I totally agree 'cos I feel so good too, and learning unceasingly, leading to answers that calm our hearts!

How blessed we are in this age, to be able to access online. It has helped me to identify and name about 90% (I think) of more that 100 plants that are in/have graced my homegarden! Being a garden 'freak', I desire so much to know the name of my plants (unfortunately, plants are our 'adopted children' who are already named, :) unlike our own children, we name them!) So, I've spent hours online since early last year (whenever I'm free during office hours) to source their ID!
Initially, it was very tough because most gardening websites have their plants alphabetically listed by names or categorized, which resulted in many laborious hours searching! Then, wha..lah!! one fine day my search led me to this great website www.toptropicals.com which has a complete photo gallery of their tropical plants (about 11K of them) in alpha listing. Whew.. since then, paradise!! It's definitely easier to compare/recognise your plants with their photos and get their complete ID! Alternatively, participating in a gardening forum like this is another great option!

Dear Liza, for me, you're my gardening consultant(expert)! :wink: don't you acknowledge your prestigous status below your name? As long as you have tons of gardening knowledge, etc. whether pursued academically or acquired through other means as a result of your great interest, I salute you!

gardening consultant
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Waterloo, Belgium

About garden...."freaking"!

20 Apr '06 7:24 pm
Oh, Yes!

I AM a garden freak!! And , I surely think ,that this "gardening consultant" thing, should be replaced by this! Because, this "gardening consultant " attribute" was given ironically and humourously, by me ...for me! Since I realized I love sharing my gardening experience --and not expertise --- with other gardeners, and this was actually what I was mostly doing... Now, I'm so happy I realized what I am! A dreamer garden freak!

Dearest Jaqueline -- to change subject a little bit --- I have seen so many beautiful Malaysian girls with stunning costumes of your traditional culture in certain touristic photos! Colourful photos, with exotic plants, etc. Do you have something like this to post here for us? With some cultural comments or horticultural comments, in case there are blooming plants in the photos? It is so interesting and creative to learn new things about our fellow humans of different cultures! But in case you have, I think you should create another topic somewhere else in the Forum.

See you!
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean


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