fruit from hungary

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fruit from hungary

28 Dec '09 8:14 pm

hungary - fruits on tree in august. branches so full of fruit, they are touching the ground but why do the birds not seem to want them? are they edible, i.e. can i make a compote from them? thank for help

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29 Dec '09 2:59 pm
It looks like a weeping crabapple - crabapples are sour, but they're good to make jellies from. But I'm really not sure. In my garden the crabapples are out in mid-winter. The proper name is Malus - have a look at google images and see what you think!
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2 Jan '10 7:22 pm
thanks again, i thought as much but wasnt sure. its a great one for parks - flowers in spring, fruit for the fruit-eaters and bugs in the fruit for the insect-eating birds - have been trying to persuade my neighboiur to get rid of that weed silver birch and replace with this type on the boundary so i can have some sun in my garden but he wont listen. i will make a final effort then reach for copper nails.
thanks again


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