Odd Shrub

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Odd Shrub

5 May '07 8:07 am
Friend Tammy has sent me this pic of a shrub she grows - she can't find out its name. Helpful me first thought it was a lily flower (oops), then thought it looked like a fancy Azalea, until I read her mail properly. It's a branching shrub, 12 feet high! Has anyone any ideas?
Mystery flower.jpg
Mystery flowering shrub
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How did this post slip in under the radar?

21 May '07 7:08 pm
Moosey it sure looks like a lilly to my too. There is a plant collector and co-owner of the Heronswood Nursury near Seattle -name doesn't come to me- who collected seed for and now sells a very large lilly, tall but probably not 12 feet tall. If that is what it is it should be very fragrant too.

In my sunset book they describe a Lilium leucanthum centifolium from China to 7-8 feet tall, with up to 18 fragrant white, somewhat pendulous flowers with purple-red streaks.
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transtasman located kiwi

30 Sep '07 12:07 am
The flower looks like an azalea to me, what do the leaves look like ? An azaleas tend towards the same style as a Rhododendron, albeit on a smaller scale and the majority I have come across have had hairs across the leaves.

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queensland australia

tall shrub

23 Jan '08 11:42 pm
could this be a bauhimia[i think thats how its spelt , lookes a little like an open orchid type flower


25 Apr '08 6:13 am
looks kinda like a sweet mock-orange

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Wiltshire, UK

27 May '08 8:47 am
I was wondering could you get a picture of the leaves of this plant.

My reason for asking is I've been searching on the internet for you and have found something called a Canna Lily which can grow 2-3 metres. It isn't a true lily but does have lily flowers on it, the leaves are much broader than those of a true lily, probably because its a relation of the banana.

I don't know if this helps at all.

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9 Jul '09 11:01 pm
It doesn't look odd. It seems to be azalea. Beth www.iflorist.co.uk

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