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Re: Unknown Cactus

16 Aug '10 7:42 pm
sss88 wrote:I would use just a regular potting mix, but add a very little sand and some vermiculite. You can buy potting mixes just for cacti, but they are usually expensive. I'm in Adelaide and my potted cacti go fine with an all round potting mix with sand. Where are you? If you are in a cooler/wetter area, you need more drainage, whereas I'm in a much dryer place and I still need wettasoil every six months for pots, even for my cacti that are indoors. I also add a little blood and bone. Don't get the super expensive mixes, they can be too rich for cacti. Hope this helps!

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Re: Unknown Cactus

7 Jan '11 9:01 am
Echinocerus is dense and spherical tight spine, often colorful and decorative. Finally, take slightly longer than the other those of other cactus.


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