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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

Seconded :)

28 Jan '07 7:33 am
I agree with Liza, hehe, show us your garden teecee! :D

Oh, and the leaves look a lot like bluebells in my old garden too :wink:

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Go teecee!

29 Jan '07 3:34 am
Or as my pupils would do it, in a loud chant:

TC =D> \:D/ =D>
TC =D> \:D/ =D>
TC =D> \:D/ =D>
TC =D> \:D/ =D>

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West Otago, New Zealand

30 Jan '07 7:01 pm
Okay, okay! So long as you stop chanting! I took some photos last night to add to my 'before' photos - kind of 'middle' ones - definitely not the 'after' ones yet. But you will have to wait a few days till I have time to post them, ahem, work out how to post them, more likely!


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