moosey flower...

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

moosey flower...

30 Dec '06 5:36 am
Moosey (or anyone else who may be able to help :D ), in your latest journal entry, end of Dec, there is a pic of the kennel. In that pic is a tall, fine leaved flowering plant at the top right (not far right) with purpley coloured flowers up the stem.

Do you know the name of it? My favourite aunty (since passed on) gave me some bits and pieces for the garden once and that was in amoungst them. It has happily popped up in cute clumps since and its' latest offering was a most delicate pink colour and fully double flowers! :shock:

What I wonder it a weed that I am adoring :oops: or is it fortunate enough to have a real name 8)

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31 Dec '06 9:01 am
Pumpkin, I got it from a friend. I'm almost sure that it's a bit of a weed, never found in nurseries. I also know it's quite common. But do I know its name? Nope! It's the most beautiful ground-cover for me, which possibly means that for warmer gardens it would completely take over.

Eek! It might even be on the banned in New Zealand list!
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1 Jan '07 7:05 am
Oh no! Not the banned list! heh 8-[

I don't know anyone who can name it, poor little weed, shame cos it is so pretty. I will just continue calling it Rosies flower after my aunty :wink:

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Rosies flower

13 Jan '07 10:10 pm
Pumpkin - that is a much nicer name for that plant than the common one which is toadflax. It's official name is Linaria purpurea and the pink version is 'Canon Went'. It is a prolific self seeder, so I cut the flower heads off early on, before they have finished flowering. Another of those pretty, almost a weed type of plant.

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14 Jan '07 7:37 am
Thank you so much teecee!

Hmmm... toadflax? :-s ... bit of a shame isn't it... :D

Nevermind, it has a name and that's what counts, though I do think I'll continue calling it Rosies Flower, hehe
I would like to save the seeds off the pink one, it really is very pretty.

Nice to see you again, hope all is well in your garden :D

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i love toadflax

17 Jan '07 10:13 am
It is one of my favourite flowers because it is so light and airy. It reseeds like mad but is easy to edit.
linaria purpurea.jpg
Linaria purpurea (toadflax)

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