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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Gardening in Eden

17 Apr '12 8:19 am
Gosh you have been busy! Such a lovely time of the year with all the fresh foliage and plants trying to outdo their neighbours with their flowers. Your roses look amazing!

I feel for you trying to garden in the heat. Although I love summer I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to labouring in the direct sun.

I love that un-named deep red rose. And the blue clematis is divine (I really must get over my fear of growing these gorgeous plants!).

I had to laugh at the rose 'Creme A bum dance' and his brother ' Shake your tail feather'. A simple typo but very funny none-the-less. :lol:

I love to Garden
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Savannah, Georgia USA

Re: Gardening in Eden

17 Apr '12 10:10 am
I'm glad you caught that because now I'm laughing too. =D> :lol: Thanks for my Great Big Grin!!

May we live in the joy of all of God's gifts and endeavor to appreciate them.

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Re: Gardening in Eden

4 Jun '13 6:23 pm
Hi! I just discovered your thread and it's great fun to read! Isn't starting a new garden just the best, funnest thing ever? I can hardly wait to get the chance at my new garden (if it ever materializes!)!

I planted some Agapanthus plants, too, this year, after reading Moosey's raves about them. I got them as 25 cent dying cast-offs from a big box store and repotted them all into one big pot a couple of months ago. When I checked them today, they had at least tripled in size! Woo-hoo! Unfortunately, they're off to a friend's garden for baby-sitting until my place sells (got to unclutter the garden for potential buyers, you know). I'm unsure how hardy they are here, so I may have to bring them inside for a year or so until they are large enough to bloom, then I'll try some of them in the ground over winter and see what happens.

Well, carry on with the posts - it's lots of fun to post here!


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