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1 Mar '10 3:38 am
Well, am now posting in the proper place! Forget the volume stuff, am in severe doubt will make it free of the first one! ;-)

Got OUT of the house for the first time (except trip to doctor's, which doesn't count) in TWO months plus, yesterday!!Hurrah! And. Amazement of amazement, joy of joys!!!!! :D Actually got to work in garden! Trimmed small limbs, and a major-ish branch from a small tree, which I wished to name for you.... But cannot find my wee planting notebook with the pale green plastic cover that I write in in pencil in so it won't get washed out and diagram where I plant everyone and who they are. javascript:emoticon(':-k') Wouldn't have anything to do with not being able to take the heat for two years, would it, therefore not getting to plant anything? Argh! Double Argh!! Even trundled all branches to the burning pile, cheerfully accompanied by Dandelion (my fluffy apricot kitty) for each trip! Scamp Tasajillo was too busy racing up said trees and loving to jump on the branches of small tree so its dry seed pods would then rattle mightly to his succinct glee.

Today (!) I have a list, a la Lady Moosey, and plan to cut out small saplings in the front creekedge bed. But. Very best of all, I am going to plant some bulbs today, by hook, shovel and crook!!!!! Will also heel in two bareroot roses: Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Need to do some weeding, too. How is it I hate housework (want free form walls in kitchen to decorate only, just leave the coffeepot), but can weed and not complain...feel good about it??!!?

Ta for now,


p.s. SOS! Need lesson in how to properly use emoticons, as you can plainly see! Have just clicked on them, or dragged them. Results: not good.

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

emoticons etc

6 Mar '10 4:16 am
I would say click, don't drag. But some ONLY go to the end of your post, others go where you want them. Then I cut the text that should be after the emoticon and paste it after.

Hope spring - and spring-cleaning (garden version only :!: :wink: ) - is progressing successfully!

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