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Spring 2010 at Bilabong Farm

10 Feb '10 9:28 am
I have been busy with seed catalogs and planning just how to rotate the raised beds. No matter how much space I have, I find that I come home with enough seeds and plants for a 10 acre plot! Focus is what I need in the excitement of so many possibilities. It is sunny and warm during the days here in coastal Washington though nights are still a little cool. Temperature today 48 degrees , last pm down to 39 degrees.Trees are budding, the red wing blackbird has returned for the mating season. BGB (best gardening buddy) helped trim the twenty year old blueberry bushes back (there are 23 total), with special attention to thinning in the centers to allow more light in.
We replaced more than one fruit tree due to animal damage. Not the local deer. Not the local elk.I could understand the goats eating the plum trees as soon as they escaped their assigned area, but it still amazes me to see our 5 year old newfie/lab, Rusty, contentedly chewing on the fruit trees. All trees are now in protective custody with wire cages round them. Enough is enough.
A new computer and a struggle to navigate to the picture downloading but someday I may figure it out.Then you can see why we love living on the edge of the coastal rainforest. It is truly beautiful and peaceful here in our little 6 acre wood. I am on the road to recovery and I am slowly regaining my strength.It is so green here today! My seed packet says spinach can be planted at 40 degrees as soon as ground can be worked so I am going to try it today in a raised bed.Watch out! Usually it snows 4-5 weeks after a run of real nice weather in January. I still have to give it a try! I love getting out and using my Japanese grub hoe. it seems to make groundbreaking, hoeing, weeding or any type of digging a pleasure!HiHo HiHo...Its off to work.......I go.....

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