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Summer at Billabong farm

12 Jul '09 6:29 pm
Heading into July and I have had a huge need to complete all the summer projects right now yesterday. Of course that in itself isn't unusual, the only thing different is the big bad "C" looming round the corner. I have to complete all the tidying, weeding, creating, toting and hauling to at least make the yard, garden and fields tolerable for another 8- 10 weeks until i have recovered. My best gardening buddy (BGB) has joined right in and has been working double time also. He will probably need a full 8 weeks to recover also as he has built me a sun deck on the west side of the house that looks over the yard and gardens. He has measured for new windows and started a planter for new climbing roses that will frame the new larger windows. ( see pics below)

I am looking forward to a closer relationship with the David Austin people. I think that fairly soon my people will be getting in touch with his people and his people will be getting in touch with my people and all this new communication will result in the new and improved Cottage Garden Look. I used to be fairly cautious about roses because of the possibilities of failure with fungus and blackspot as these two diseases are endemic to our misty coastal climate. I feel emboldened by my new status as a demi-centenarian struggling with a significant health threat. It is this combination that makes anaphylaxis from hymenoptra sting seem less daunting somehow. As my good friend said, "after fifty you can pretty much do what you want.." And so I am.

Some recent changes include the completion of the kitchen garden( see pics), the addition of a garden toolshed ( pics later) and the destruction of plants in the chicken yard( no plants- no pics)

Bonus crop of currants since chickens are not as at liberty- Some days it feels so good to just put up a few jars of really fresh and rare preserves
Kitchen Garden with Honeysuckle Arbor 2009 2.JPG
Facelift for Honey suckle Arbor Base 2.JPG
Raised Beds in Bloom 2.JPG
kitchen garden peas  2.JPG
new raised beds                      Mothers Day 2009 2.JPG
jelly is clear and sparkles in the sun 2.JPG
currants just like Martha! web.JPG
currant bush web.JPG
deck almost finished.JPG
Deck and strawberry patch.JPG
The challenge-removing the steps.JPG

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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Hi there, Gwen!

13 Jul '09 3:53 am
Talking of returning with cannons blazing! WOW! What a post! You've been busy, and achieved wonderful results - how satisfying to replace a set of steps with a sunny deck. A convalescent's area? You are going for treatment, and then a rest? Lots of healthy home grown stuff to speed your recovery? Tell us more!

Fascinating veggie beds. Explain the design. A lot of trouble has gone into the detail. Is the angled design aesthetic, practical or symbolic?

We'll be watching this space. Good luck!

A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

13 Jul '09 7:58 am
Here here... I'm with Jack - we need more info! The gardens are really taking shape and wonderful unusual shapes at that! I love the arbour. Is this where the Austin roses might find a home?

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