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Damp gardens on a grey day...

3 May '09 2:45 pm
Today has been cool, grey and still damp from the rain we've been receiving. I liked my front porch garden in the grey dampness as I added more plants to it after potting them up. I'd gone to two different places and altogether purchased seven wonderful items which will be included in Monday's weekend plant purchase report.

I also did some tidying up in the southwest-facing flowerbed. Old stems and twigs were removed from the following group:

sedum 'Autumn Joy'
the goldenrod cultivar I have
dusty miller
salvia 'Snow Hill'
cushion spurge
Siebold sedum

I pulled out the dead lemon balm and snipped off a twig from the tri-colored euonymous. The tops of a dusty miller and a fever few were cut off to make them look better. And I'd cut away at the dead branches of last year's creeping zinnia, but discovered there's much more left. There's also leaves piled up in that spot that I want to clean out to make it look better. And there are plants against the wall such as the yarrow that have these dead twigs that need to be pruned off, but I couldn't reach them without stepping into the mud, so that will wait. The liriope finally got their spring haircuts. :)

The iris next to the back door of the house is in bloom. Here's a photo of it from last year. And Moosey- I look forward to Tea Roots Journal being set up. Thank you. :)

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3 May '09 3:26 pm
Will try and do this tonight. Will copy all your posts first, though - just in case. I'm not silly! All the gardening best, M
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8 Jul '09 1:01 am
Nice pictures. It looks good. I love flowers and gardening is my biggest passion. Beth www.iflorist.co.uk

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