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Garden update...

30 Apr '09 10:25 am
It's been staying warm now lately and things have grown. In front of my cushion spurge in the southwest-facing bed was a huge mound of healthy-looking feverfew not yet in bloom. (It's still too early for that). I didn't want it there so I potted it up in a container and set it on the left side of the front porch for now. When the feverfew acclimates, I'll move it over to the right side of the porch so it can get more sun and maybe flower. What would be ideal is if we would receive a soaking rain in a day or too, and that would be good for the newly potted feverfew. I went ahead and watered the creeping raspberry which is still in the early stages of making a comeback. That may help it along.

The scented geranium 'Snowflake' has little pink blooms now. And down below on the gound, the creeping phlox 'Candy Stripes' has filled in with more of those bi-colored pink and white flowers. Back out in the southwest-facing bed, a couple more of those beautiful poppy blossoms have opened up. And I liked how they looked this morning when the sky was a little dark and grey and they were still opening up. Against the wall, all three alliums have a purple flower with one of them fully opened into almost a sphere shape. The columbine is full of buds and flowers and it's something to see. I meant to fertilize it before I came in to type, so I'll want to take care of that this evening or tomorrow. Oh, and the iris has sent up a tall stalk with buds that will be a pretty lavender when they're open. I watered the 'Gold Flame' honeysuckle, rose campion, and 'David' phlox.

The columbine in the fairy garden is now also in bud, and my lily of the valley is still there. We'll see if it does much of anything this year. When I was weeding the fairy garden over the weekend, I left a wild strawberry there on purpose to grow. On the northeast-facing narrow bed, the blue bells are going towards their peak now, and Dad has planted a rose bush with crimson or cranberry-colored flowers that are single-petaled. As for the tulip blooms in my yard, they are spent.

I discovered something in the greenhouse this afternoon. My parents have bought me my own hoe and rake. :)

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Put all Tea Root's Posts in one Garden Journal?

1 May '09 9:07 am
I really enjoy all the wonderful details that you write in your gardening updates. Now I've had a thought - should I move all your separate posts into one big topic, and call it Tea Root's Garden Journal? It means we can all keep track better of what you're up to. Let me know if you'd like me to do this.
All the best, and don't lose that hoe and rake!
Cheers, M
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tea root

1 May '09 2:05 pm
That would be great!

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