Tilled garden...

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Tilled garden...

26 Apr '09 2:46 pm
Sometime today, Dad tilled my garden and it looks good. He accidently weed-wacked my money plant which was the white blooming plant I'd mistaken for some kind of wildflower. I thought it would be alright because there were leaves left, but then he ended up tilling it. So I want to try to grow money plant again sometime. Mom pointed out to me that the pretty plant growing at the base of my corkscrew willow is a common sweet pea. I'd thought it was crown vetch. So I told Dad that I wanted that saved.

On the northeast-facing side of the house is the narrow flowerbed where the blue bells are. Well, Dad transplanted two Easter lilies there and they're in full bloom and look quite attractive next to those blue bells which have their blue buds opening up.

Later in the evening while there was still daylight left, I transplanted the cup plant and the three 'Tennessee Beauty' strawberry plants into the main garden and watered them well. At first the strawberries were put by the spot where I plan to grow Nasturtiums again, but didn't have a good feeling about that location. It's not far from shrubbery and I thought of birds. So I dug them back up and moved them to an area of the garden that's closer to my parent's garden. It's particularly open there and I'd like to lay straw around the strawberries and perhaps get some netting to keep the birds off. I wanted to also pot up my leek plant, but it got dark.

I changed out the light bulb for the front porch so I could see better to water the porch plants. The tansy fern is looking perky after its haircut and being watered well yesterday. It seems happier in it's new spot, too, where it gets more shade. And the salad bernet is making its comeback after being munched on recently. :)

By the way, the temperature got up to at least 80 degrees today and there was ample sunshine.

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