More potting up...

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More potting up...

25 Apr '09 1:23 pm
Today got warm and most of it was sunny, but it's cloudy now which is good since I've potted up some plant starts again this afternoon and evening. I finished my strawberry jar project (which I started yesterday) by sticking a piece of mint into a side opening and planting a start of Mother of Thousands in with the aloe start in the other side opening. And in the opening with the onion, I put in a piece of my wild strawberry plant. So we'll see how all this does. The tomato plant is back on the porch again and I've tied it to a stake right there in the pot. Out in the garden, I dup up a start of borage that has come up from seed and potted it and set it on the porch. And scented geranium 'Snowflake' is also on the porch now and repotted in a nifty container. I also gave the tansy fern a 'haircut' after I'd watered it. The other plants got watered, too, and some were fertilized. The only potted porch plants that didn't get watered are the tomato and a yellow container of Mother of Thousands that I set back out there, also, since it's warm.

Something has come back that I'd planted in the ground on the left side of the porch step and forgotten about. It's my creeping raspberry. And in the southwest-facing flowerbed, the salvia 'May Night' is in the beginning stages of flowering. Out in the main garden, the common sage has a bud. I like the blooms on that.

This morning, I received a gift from a lady at work who gave me something called a cup plant. It's a native with herbal properties and she'd dug it up from her garden and put it in a plastic container for me to take home which is what I did at lunch time. For now it's sitting out there on the concrete area behind the house and I watered it well since the leaves got limp. The ideal place for this plant to go is in the main herb garden once it has been tilled.

I also received a package in the mail this afternoon from another lady who lives in a different state. And I opened it to discover this little container of iris seeds. :)

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