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Garden update...

18 Apr '09 4:38 pm
This afternoon it was comfortable outside in my flannel shirt as I went and looked about my garden with a pen and notebook in my hands. First I'll tell you about the front porch garden because I've added some plants. In an earlier post I'd mentioned that I had two sedums on the porch and they are the cemetary vine and 'Garnet Brocade'. Well, they're still out there, but now there's also two pots of purple violas, two pots of dianthus, potted wild strawberry, potted wild onion, my 'Sweet 100' cherry tomato, an orange-yellow primrose, and a tansy fern that was given to me. The fern was dug up from a yard and I've potted it into kind of a large container. It was perking up, but seems to get wilty again in the sun so it may need to be moved to a shadier location. The wild onion and wild strawberry were dug up from my own yard and put in terra cotta pots which I think make them look more attractive. This was a joyful and simple project.

The creeping phlox on each side of the porch step have a few of their bi-colored pink and white blooms and the salad bernet on the right side appears to have had its leaves eaten off. There is new growth at the soil line, however. I checked under fallen leaves to see of the thrift might have come back, but saw no signs of it. I had planted it on the left side of the step. Hmmm...I might wish to purchase more thrift this year and plant it elsewhere. Farther left of the step stands the variegated crocus leaves without the flower.

Red and yellow tulips have filled in the circular bed out in the front yard while the earlier daffodil flowers are spent. There are some smaller daffodil blooms out in that bed and the pink hyacinth flowers in there are past their peak. Now there's some kind of plant in that area with needle-like foliage and yellow flowers or bracts and I don't know what it is. But I think it looks showy in that bed with all its yellow.

Now let me talk about the southwest-facing flowerbed on the side of the house again. If you remember about the goldenrod I mentioned, I had probably said that it didn't make it through the winter. Well, today I stood corrected. There is some small green leaves at the base of the dead stems, so it survived after all. And it sure looked like it hadn't before. Now this goldenrod that I have out there is a cultivar, but I'd like to have the herbal species out in my main herb garden. What a pretty and interesting display goldenrod puts on in the late summer or autumn season. Speaking of yellow, my Swedish ivy that I brought here with me from the apartment is sporting these yellow flowers. I've had this plant for at least a couple of years and this is the first time it's bloomed for me, but that's because I was finally able to put it in the ground. There's some more at the back of the house that I didn't plant. Swedish ivy has attractive foliage which is why I bought it in the first place.

While I was still out there, I saw healthy mounds of feverfew. More will probably pop up and I'll want to decide which ones to keep where and which to pull up. The cushion spurge or euphorbia has its yellow bracts which seem a little bit more glorious than the last time I wrote about them and the poppies have their hairy buds. The hollyhocks are bigger yet and the phlox 'David' continues to make a nice comeback. The alliums have buds if I didn't mention it last time or maybe they still didn't have them when I last wrote. And the columbine 'Blue Swan' is budding, too. Meanwhile the yarrow in this bed is looking a little more filled in and the iris foliage is taller.

Under the fairy tree, the one columbine is growing taller and bushier. That should be quite pretty when it finally flowers. There's a flowerbed behind the unattached garage which is close to the main herb garden and it has a rose growing in it. The rose was relocated there last year and is doing well in its spot. The rest of that bed is pretty much empty except for weeds, but the plan is to have it tilled and to plant seeds in there. I did see a surprise, though, in one spot. Last year, I had planted a hardy salvia 'Marleau Rose', but thought it had died. However, right by the tag today I discovered this healthy plant growing there. I checked around the bed to see if there were more like it in case it was a weed, but it was the only one. However, the leaves seem different, so I'm not sure.

Out in the main herb garden my strawberry foxglove has shown more improvement and a start or two of blue borage is growing nearby. There is something growing out there which is probably considered a weed, and it's adorned with these four-petaled white flowers. I checked in my wildflower field guide book to see if it might be listed in there, but it wasn't so I couldn't identify it. The rose bush growing in the corner of the main garden that gets hips in autumn has grown quite lush and no longer looks pitiful. On the other side of the garden, the grassy Sweet William foliage is a bright green.

Finally, the tri-colored red and white tulips with streaks of yellow are flowering. :)

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