Gardening update...

tea root

Gardening update...

3 Apr '09 2:21 pm
It was chilly enough this morning that I wore a winter coat and hat to work. By the time I got off from work, it had warmed up to the point that I didn't even need a jacket! A flannel shirt over a T-shirt kept me fairly comfortable while I gathered information for this gardening report. I'll start with the front porch. Now there's only two pots on there with anything green growing in them and both contain sedum. The bigger pot has 'Garnet Brocade' and this has changed from being nubs peeking above the soil to fleshy plants that are a few inches tall with leaves. And I'm thinking it could use some water. The other smaller pot has the cemetery vine which is filling the pot back in. Out in the front yard, the circular flowerbed has filled in nicely with daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, and some kind of plant with needle-like foliage and cheery yellow blooms. I don't know what it is. The tulips in the bed and in the front yard should be opening soon, and muscari is already showing off its lovely blue-purple blooms around the mailbox.

And there are things worth reporting in the southwest facing flowered on the side of the house, too. For starters, rose campion (the one that made it through winter) has gotten taller. There's a nice mound of swedish ivy and the hollyhocks are getting big. Then here's a surprise. Remember my echinacea which I'd thought had died? It's come back! There are green leaves at the base of the dead stalks. This is a plant that I wouldn't mind having more of. The dusty miller interested me today since I discovered that it's been getting established at the base of even the deathly-looking one. (Remember that I've got two of those plants). So the rough parts can be cut off of both. I like my dusty miller. :) The poppies are appealing to me right now. Of course, it's too early for them to bloom, but the foliage of these biennials are neat to look at since the leaves this year are bigger and have an interesting shape to them. They are also hairy. The ones I already have here are volunteers and I may want to try sowing bread poppy seed this year. We'll see.

Moving on down the bed, the three alliums emerged some time ago as strappy leaves and the tri-colored euonymous has new growth. Grassy daylily leaves are in a few spots and the euphorbia has what looks to me to be yellow bracts with these bright little flowers within. I find them to be showy. Then the santolina is doing quite well with more new growth at the soil line. Lamb's ear is filling in its area nicely while the honeysuckle has grown more lush this spring. Meanwhile, the columbine is a healthy mound and the one in the fairy garden is quite pretty. I think I'd like to grow even more columbine in the fairy garden and may sow more seed there this spring.

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gardening update

5 Apr '09 2:31 am
I am wondering a little about your fairy garden.Do you have any pictures?

I read back through your earlier posts to discover that you are growing your garden in Kentucky, with some of the same gardeners favorites as I grow. The daylillies, hollyhocks, the bulbs- muscari, tulips, daffies, the lambs ear and poppies. Last year I made the mistake of purchasing many of my additions from Walmart, which resulted in poor performance of most items. The hairy poppies never even poked through the soil but the prolific performance of the bread seed poppies (grown from various seed types from many different packets) soothed my feelings of loss. They were were fabulous. I saved almost an entire manilla folder of mixed seeds to put along the birthday brick walkway for this year. I try to stay away from ivy as it has gotten a little out of hand here and is choking out other native species.

tea root

5 Apr '09 2:33 pm
I do have pics of my fairy garden, but it's bare. I'm going to make an attempt this year to fill it in with flowers. Right now there's only that one columbine plant and I need to weed the area eventually. I've bought a lot of plants from Walmart and have had good success. I also get plants from other garden centers.

As for how ivy goes, I pretty much don't deal with it. It's not my favorite plant and I've got a sunny area anyway.

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