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Regina, Saskatchewan

Long time gone, time to catch up.

9 Jul '09 9:32 pm
Hello to those interested.

Well here we are in July again and what a summer it's been so far. I took on this puppet job and it's still not quite complete. Problems in and out of the shop have slowed me down and I'm still not getting things done around the house like I had planned to do, this year.HARUMPH!

Well, I still cant let the gardens be totally neglected, so I always try and get the odd hour or two to get things moving. I managed to get some rather keen bits of junk from my favorite junk pile and turned them into giant planters without much palaver. Mom has come over quite a bit and has been planting lots of stuff from the greenhouse. the greenhouse is almost empty. The other day I managed to get 80 plants into the ground and Deb and I put together the window boxes at long last.

There is just so much that has to be explained. It's hard to relate. So much has changed in our yard over the last two years. I will sort out the pix and post some soon for your eager eyes. Here are a few pix to tease you just a bit.

Sorry for the laps in posting, but you know us gnomes are always doing something.

Keep happy.

a modest amount.jpg
some of the crew underway
there is still more to come
under table madness.jpg
plants we bought had to be put into bigger pots
geraniums and mini roses.jpg
I think there are some bleeding heart in there as well.
Mom in her element.jpg
winter pets.jpg
these guys have made it through the winter and can hardly wait for the warmth of the summertime.
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Busy gnome!

10 Jul '09 5:54 am
Well now I feel a bit better. Sometimes I've wondered if the gnome had not only a ghost writer but also a ghost carpenter and a ghost gardener, he seemed to achieve so much! Why is it that we never get as much done as we plan to???

Keep well to all our human, animal, vegetable and mineral friends in Regina!

Happily Toiling Away
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Regina, Saskatchewan

Prommised Update With Pix

14 Jul '09 1:40 pm
Greetings Green Thumbs,

Now for the long overdue update. Say Jack, you hit upon the bane of my existence and that is we never get as much done as we plan to. OH! The pain....the pain!Image

I had a grand idea of opening a separate post on each of the new things you are about to see and show there progression and development, but I'm afraid that would be tedious to wright and read. Instead I am just going to let you have it. Our gardens as they are right now and I will try and accompany each pic with a short explanation. If you see something you like and want to know more about it, just post a remark here and I will elaborate for you.

To be honest, I haven't posted photos of a lot of this stuff because I was going to do it in a grand way, but I don't think I will ever be able to do that, so, here you go.

Christopher, the Gnome of many hats. Image Image Image
Iris of the unknown.jpg
Mom planted these last year and they really took off this year. No one can remember their actual name, but they are beautiful.
Bloomin' Lupins.jpg
Not very tall. Must be of the dwarf variety. Planted a whole lot more this year and soon we will have groupin's of lupins.
Chocolate Day Lily.jpg
Another one of mom's additions. I never saw such a dark lily before. This is in the new "Tree Garden".
TheTree Garden.jpg
Speaking of the "Tree Garden", here it is. I built this last summer. My neighbour broke apart his sidewalk and I scrounged the broken cement to make the edge. The soil is higher by the tree and slopes down. Chocolate Lily is on the left about to
Half Moon Garden.jpg
Across from the tree garden is the "Half Moon Garden". It is in two levels with a raised center part where Dinner Plate Dahlias are about to bloom as well as Stargazer Dahlias.
The first Dinnerplate Dahlia.jpg
The first Stargazer Dahlia.jpg
Old Water Trough Planyter.jpg
Between the those two gardens and along the ramp is this big planter I made last year. I found the pump in my favorite junk pile and thought up this planter to make use of it. The pump is actually part of a pond-less water feature and has a 5 gal. bucket
Pyramid Planter with Morning glory.jpg
While I'm showing you new planters, this one is made from an old cast iron fire pit that had two of it's legs broken off. I took off the remaining legs and made the triangular trellis, then put it on an old barrel hoop to help stabilize it. Mom bought the
1922 Clawfoot Bathtub Planter.jpg
I found this in the junk pile as well. Deb painted the feet. It's planted with 15 Mini Roses.
New Rose Planters.jpg
These are my personal roses. I just moved them here from the front yard under the trees (they didn't do well there). The planter on the left sits on an old car tire rim and it makes the 1/2 barrel look like a big urn. I put this together last year. It hol
Mom's Bulb Garden.jpg
Planted with mostly bulb type plants, this garden is original to the house and was here long before we moved in. We divided the Peony three years ago and it has finally bloomed again from it's original roots.
The first Peony.jpg
Stella D'Oro Day Lilly.jpg
Also in Mom's Garden.
The Hanging Garden Planter.jpg
This is just about ready to plant. Made from rake tines from a big farm type raking machine towed behind a tractor. The base is made from an old washing machine's tub. There will be a steel rod driven into the ground that will also go up inside the center
Front window box Pansies and Geraniums.jpg
test plants in the Grotto.jpg
This is a project I started last year and can't play with due to more pressing duties. there is an old bath tub for a pond. There is a 3/4" plywood wall that runs right along the fence. the green box at the far end is the pump and filter house. The w
New Weather Vane.jpg
My old weather vane blew down in a winter storm last year. I recently made this new one. It is strapped to the chimbley on the top of our house. I used an old furnace motor for the bearings and took out the heavy coil from inside. The fan is from an old c
Weather vane detail.jpg
Sir Christopher.jpg
You might wonder how a garden gnome gets so much done around the garden? Well he has help from his good friend "Sir Christopher the Clown". Who, on the day this pic was snapped, was on his was to the Children's Festival in Moose Jaw. There he ma
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

15 Jul '09 8:36 am
Wow Christopher, you have been busy! The daylilies are looking gorgeous. The newly planted gardens look fab. Sir Christopher looks like a very cheery fellow 8)

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Sir Christopher's Company

15 Jul '09 4:43 pm
(Sounds like a Victorian Travelling Theatre Group!)

Now why didn't I think of using an old bath for a water feature! I shall be on the lookout for one. Waterproofing water features are the bane of my life. They leak so easily! I think I've got the formula now, though: I use Coprox, a branded waterproofer mixed into the plaster and then paint with two layers of what we call 'bakkie paint' in SA: the rubberised paint used to protect the inside of a truck's/yute's loadbed. That has more 'give' than plaster, which tends to form hairline cracks with changes in temperature.

And I wouldn't mind a resident weather-vane-maker either: what a beaute! (Not to mention the peony, one of the plants I've given up on...)

As for all the many plants still waiting to be planted... have the buzy bees (led by Queen Bee Mom) over-catered this summer? :lol:

garden enthusiast
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Waikato-New Zealand

from NZ

17 Jul '09 7:05 am
What an exhilerating post GG,but tantalising when the words get cut off because there are too many of them- Mom bought the.......(?)It hol...(?)the w....(?)
Never mind-it has all cheered me enormously as my bedraggled,frost-bitten tatty garden has been getting me down,so to see all the promise of new life does my heart good.
I really like the claw-foot bath.New ones sell for $1000 here(for use in a bathroom though)Groupin of lupins is not lost on me.
Next year for the grotto hopefully?
The tree garden is looking good-did you grow the leafy plants(I can't think of their names) as they are notoriously difficult to grow for me.
and the weather vane is brilliant,and i specially love the deep red geraniumsin the window box-perfect.
All the best for a fascinating garden-


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