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A bulb and annual flowerbed?

3 Mar '09 4:36 pm
I've been thinking about my flowerbed behind the unattached garage and the bulbs that I purchased over the weekend. What if I planted the bulbs that I buy in spring into that flowerbed instead of throwing them into the compost bin when their flowers and foliage are spent? The only thing is- that flowerbed is very shallow in parts of it because my garden spade has hit concrete when trying to plant things there before. So I'll have to see when it's time to put these bulbs out if the soil is deep enough to plant them there. What a treat it would be every spring to walk out there behind that garage to see those blooms. And here's another thought. Whether or not I put the bulbs out there, I can try sowing annual seeds in that bed in spring and see how they do. If they bush out and do well and flower, then this gives me a good reason to buy annual seeds every year that I don't really want to stick in my main garden or elsewhere. Something that I've toyed with in my mind is growing sweet peas. I can get those easily at my local garden center, but the thing is, they are heavy feeders and I've not been real good about keeping up with fertilizing plants. I do better with plants that pretty much take care of themselves. However, if I decide to get the field peas, I believe I can keep up with feeding them and I still have organic fertilizer that needs to be used up anyway.

As for the main garden, it's cluttered with branches that fell onto it from the ice storm we had in January, and then possibly from the windy day that we had afterward during that month. The bed behind the unattached garage might be a mess, too, from that storm. This has been a very cold winter, but spring is only days away now. :)

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