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Garden notes 3, a frosted landscape...

2 Jan '09 6:27 am
I stepped out the back door with a notepad to write things down and my first stop was the birdbath to view the frozen water in it. I discovered that this miniature skating rink had cracks. Then before me as I walked on toward the garden was the rising sun in its blinding bright glory. However, its radiance did not shield my face from the wind's icy breath, and the cold was stinging my bare hands as my mind held the thought of protecting exposed fingers from frostbite. So I would draw my hands up into my coat sleeves. Yet I was out here on a mission- to glean something from this frigid environment to put down in words. And I'd already jotted down the birdbath.

So anyway, moving across the yard in the brilliant presence of the sun, the big field beyond my garden was coated in a sunlit heavy frost. Some of the leaves on the ground beneath me were sprinkled with ice crystals as though they were nature's version of sugar cookies. The sky above was as clear as it was cold, and made a good backdrop for bare trees such as the Corkscrew Willow that partly shades my garden when the leaves are filled in. The Sweet William foliage which is not far from the compost bin is green and looks like grass, and I took photos of it along with the other stuff that I've mentioned here and then some. :)

Canberra, Australia

5 Jan '09 10:49 pm
Brrr, I could feel that cold and had to remind myself that we are expecting 34℃ 93℉ tomorrow.
I think I've seen a Corkscrew Willow, it's the one with the amazing twisty branches?

tea root

6 Jan '09 4:33 am
Hi there. :) Yes, the Corkscrew Willow does have the twisty branches. It's quite chilly here today, but yesterday was warm for January. Our temperatures tend to fluctuate like that here in Kentucky.

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