Garden notes 2...

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Garden notes 2...

28 Dec '08 8:07 am
Today is unseasonably warm for this time of year in my area. It's so warm that I have a couple of windows open in my house and I've been out in my yard to find something to write about, and the temperature felt like it was close to 70 degrees. It's partly sunny and I could clearly hear my neighbor's windchimes out there while under the fairy tree. The fairy garden underneath this tree is by the birdbath which is filled up with rainwater from recent showers, yet void of thirty, bathing birds. Instead, the wind-stirred water reflects sky and bare trees branches. The fairy garden itself is muddy and I checked on that lone columbine start that has grown in a spot there from a sown seed and it's still doing fine. Check out the photo I took of it back in autumn at the bottom of the page.

That's all there is to report on that bit of my yard. Nearby, in the corner of my southwest-facing flowerbed on the side of the house, wild onion leaves stand green and unfazed by the single-digit temperatures we had a week ago. I broke off some of the grassy-like foliage in my fingers and inhaled its onion fragrance. Very close to the wild onions are the iris as a bare Rose of Sharon bush with seedpods still attached stands between the two. The blue-green foliage of the iris has never totally died back, but it appears that there is new growth since some of the leaves are so small and there seems to be more of them. I'm not surprised with the warmer temps we've been having. And this particular iris that I'm writing about is the common iris which sports lavender blossoms. This same iris also grows just outside the door of the house. And then I have another type of iris which grows on the other side of my house and it puts forth smaller yellow blooms. Naturally, neither iris type is in flower right now. As for other happenings in that southwest-facing bed, it appears that fresh growth has maybe occurred on both the phlhox 'David' and euphorbia.

Out in the muddy main garden, it looks as if the rest of the blue borage has been wiped out while the strawberry foxglove seemed kind of unhappy to me at first look. However, it's a perennial and they are supposed to kind of die back. And anyway, I discovered that it has a healthier small leaf or two in the center, so in reality, this plant is probably doing well and doing what it's supposed to do.
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28 Dec '08 5:33 pm
What a delightful,vivid description of your garden,Tearoot-I enjoy your rambling style very much,and would love to see more photos when you have some.

tea root

3 Jan '09 11:26 am
Thanks, Dixie. :)

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