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Love the obnoxious border!

23 May '08 7:46 pm
And as for Weebles the Unobnoxious: what a lovely photo! Isn't it strange how animals who are usually loving can sometimes pick on another in trouble! Hope you are well on the mend, although a bite to the bone can sometimes take MONTHS to heal properly. Look after yourself - in fact, if in doubt do what Mom should have done: visit a doctor! Go, tiller, go!

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An obnoxious boarder?

24 May '08 9:41 am
Hee hee, Mark, I'm sure you could advertise for one of these, you know - room to let, blahblahblah.

I had a boarder once, a student who I was helping out, at the same time as I thought I wanted to have a perennial border (in my garden). And several friends thought they were the same thing, and conversations got very confused.

"Perennial? I thought it was only for this winter" said one.
"Oh no, at least three years, time to settle in, grow large and bulk out" I replied.
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Regina, Saskatchewan

Rainy Day Update.

26 May '08 10:44 am
Boarder or garden, garden border or flower bed? Deb, being of good farming stock and living on the family farm when she was small, tells me a garden is where vegetables are grown and a flower bed is for flowers. I often rankle her because I have this habit of calling any ground that I grow any plants in a garden, and she sets me straight.

I guess it's my simple way of looking at things. I have named all our gardens to make it easy to talk about them and there is a new one going in the front yard this season.

I'm curious as to how you other gardeners refer to your growing spaces. Please post an explanation.

Yesterday we all gathered in the front yard as Mom and I planted our Dinner-plate Dahlias and some Gladiolas. All large plants from the greenhouse that we grew from bulbs. It was a grey day with no sun. A terrific wind blew up from the south-east and soon it was raining on us as we planted the last four plants. Quite a storm blew in, although no lightning or thunder.

Today it's raining and my hip is hurting, so I am taking the day off and recouping. I think I'll go out in a while and start the assembly on the big tiller. I got all the tines and parts cleaned and painted.

A few pix for you to see.

May 23 Obnoxious garden dug out.jpg
Dug down 6 inches. First paint and then soil.
May 23 Russian Giant Sunflowers.jpg
May 23 Russian Giant Sunflower bud.jpg
May 23 Grotto-soil and clay.jpg
Here is the grotto area and you can see the pile of composted dirt on the right that I ran the small tiller over. Bath tub is for a pond.
May 23 future planters.jpg
new big planters. The rusty pipe will go in my Secret Garden and the old heating ducts will make a bunch of raised planters for Deb.
May 23 Back yard progress.jpg
It looks messy, but I like a good mess. This is the area where we will be putting in a cement slab about 16 feet square.
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Hi Christopher and hello Deb, nice to meet you.

26 May '08 11:32 am
Well it's either this or get my tests graded .. Anyway, what to call the beds/borders/gardens/rooms/areas/parts where we garden? I find I have names both for 'rooms/areas' of my garden and for the paths and 'beds/borders' that divide it up. The whole area in the back I refer to as "my garden" and the "side yard" is something you have to pass through to get there.

My garden is divided up into 3 big 'rooms/areas': the "Gravel Entry Garden", the first area (covered in -you guessed it- gravel) you enter when you come in through the gate from the side yard; the Pond Amphitheatre (the 40 by 40 foot area directly behind the warehouse with a pond in the center surrounded by a path); and the Circle Lawn (which is about 20 feet in diameter and surrounded by the corner deck, greenhouse, shade structure, tool shed, garden bed and begonia area). There are are other, minor areas between or near these, such as the "Broken Concrete Courtyard" between the Gravel Entry Garden and the Pond Amphitheatre (which the backdoor opens out on to), and, the "Y" a small area where the back path widens out just past the center archway before it comes to the Circle Lawn.

You know I just took some pictures from the roof yesterday to photograph the 'Kiftsgate' rose which is beginning to bloom in the front hedge. So why don't I go load some of these on my thread and if you like you might be able to better see what all these place names refer to.

I look forward to learning how you decide to name the parts of your garden, and good luck with that hip!
Mark in California

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A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

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Waikato-New Zealand

Garden grows

26 May '08 6:00 pm
Well now-I never fail to be amazed at the imagination and the ambition and the visualisation and the general optimism of your place,GG,Deb,and Mom.....it may look like a mess,but you can see all sorts of possibilities,and with our eyes closed and similar imagination,I guess we can too .We are with you all the way,folks.
(Do you reckon you will ever be finished?)

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Long promised update at last!

17 Mar '09 6:53 pm
Hello good people!

Well, it's been a while since I made any posts here. Things just got so hectic that I fell behind with my posts and then couldn't find the time to catch up. We were married last August 8, and the reception was to be in our back yard, so I was literally running me butt off from morn to night and I still didn't get things done and we had to go with our contingency plan. I was heart broken about it, but what can you do.

I did get lots of work done and I will get you all caught up here so when my new adventure takes shape you will be up to speed. Besides, what i will post here took place last summer.

So now I have to get out my photo storage disks and sort through them. I have taken so many pix that me puter was completely clogged and i had to store them all on DVD disks.

The thing is that now I can post the progress of each project in one post, showing the various stages and outcomes.

I am excited now about sharing this with you. I feel like I have been asleep and just woke up.

More stuff to follow.

Christopher, the resident garden gnome.
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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18 Mar '09 7:09 am
Hi Christopher. I think I may have just started posting when you were off on your medical adventures with Deb :(

I have followed your gardening plans with great anticipation. Can't wait for the photo tour :D Be sure to include pics of all the mess - you know, the stages between conception and completion... it makes me feel better to see other gardeners in a similar state of upheaval :!:


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