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Garden Gnome's 2008 Garden Adventures

15 Mar '08 5:48 pm
Hello my friends. Well, our new growing season is off and running. On Tuesday mom came over and we planted the first seeds of the season. Deb and I went to Wally World the other day and they had the first plants of the season on sale, so of course we bought some.

We got 8 geraniums, a spider plant, a wandering Jew, a German ivy and a lamium. Mom transplanted these into larger pots on Tuesday. She also transplanted our coleus bits.

The coleus bits are from a coleus I rescued after the first big frost killed off almost all the coleus last fall and all that was left was a little sprout down inside the pot. I pinched it off and brought it in and it has been doing wonderfully well in the kitchen window. So much so that last week mom clipped it and planted the clippings and now we have 8 new little coleii. :wink: \:D/

Also Deb and I bought seeds too. Speaking of seeds. I filled out an order form and sent away a money order and made my first order from a seed catalog. =D> So we shall see how long it takes to get here.

Deb pointed out that we could put plants on the back porch window if there was only a shelf. So I went out yesterday and knocked together 2 shelves for the east side window. I also set up our seedling sprouting shelf in the kitchen window, too.

This is neat! Last night we were about to go to bed when a house fly flew past me and caught my attention. Must have woke up after being asleep all winter. Rather than swat it I caught it in a glass alive and then transferred it into the container that holds our Venus Fly Trap! :twisted: Then Deb and I sat there and waited for the fly to make the wrong move. It did and we got to see the plant feed for the first time since we got it. Real neat!

Well, that's my first installment of my new summer post. Stay tuned for further developments.

new shelfs.jpg
Covered with geraniums, 4 salmon, 2 white and 2 bright red. Bottom shelf has lamium, wandering Jew, German ivy and my Fairy Castle Cactus.
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jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Happy new year!

18 Mar '08 7:35 am
Hey hey hey!

Who else but Christopher would get the season off to an exciting start by feeding his Venus Flytrap! I know you have an excellent sense of the dramatic - so I look forward to forthcoming instalments and a climax way beyond the opening attention-grabber!

Faith S
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Alabama, USA

How exciting to see Christopher excited

23 Mar '08 1:43 am
We have missed your cheerful posts over the long winter season, so I am looking forward to lots of pictures and commentary from you in the coming months Christopher.
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Spring progress

23 Mar '08 11:29 am
Thanks for the welcome, my friends.

Here are some more photos to bring you all up to date.

bug eater.jpg
new pest control, he he hee
mom seeding.jpg
happy in her work
coleus clippings and things.jpg
seeding shelf is up.jpg
nap time for cats.jpg
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compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

25 Mar '08 8:04 am
8-[ aargh! that fly trap gives me the creeps! :shock:

Can't stop laughing about you and Debs feeding it :D, boy, you sure know how to show a girl a good time!

Love all the seedlings, they look so healthy!

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Regina, Saskatchewan

Hot Off The Press!

26 Mar '08 8:33 am
Hello my friends. Well it's sunny today and in a few moments I will be going outside to work on the greenhouse and make some much needed repairs. New plastic walls are in order.

Mom and Deb are planting seeds again today and we keep coming home with more and more seeds. Mom was over yesterday and we went to Canadian Tire, our local "everything" store, and bought some more soil and, yes, a whole whack of seeds too.

All these seeds are good, says I, because this year we have more space than ever out in the gardens to plant. Plus we plan a new garden for the front yard that will be kidney shaped and go around one of our big Elm trees.

The seeds are sprouting like mad as well. The first year we did this it seemed to take forever for the seeds to get going, but this year they are popping up in record time. Must be because of the soil we are using now.

I have made an accurate plan of our property to help us decide what will go where so we have a better idea of what is needed. The theme this year is "Bunches of flowers" rather than one plant here and his brother on the other side of the flowerbed.

Anyhoo, I am almost finished my tea now so I must post this and be off, like a toupee in a windstorm!

Deb seeding.jpg
Taking care with the tiny seeds.
Russian Giant Sunflower.jpg
I always wanted these. They will go in the pumpkin garden against the fence. I hope they live up to their name.
Seeds a sprouting.jpg
Tiny little babies peek out at anew world.
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

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Berkeley, California, USA

I've heard that sacrificing a fly ensures good crops!

30 Mar '08 7:40 am
Christopher, you, Deb and your mom have definitely shaken off any winter sloth. I appreciated how great it must have felt to rescue and resurrect that coleus. I used to take cuttings of several plants every winter so I could have them again even after the parent died in the cold. I know, you must be asking, "what cold?" But when I first started gardeneing the winters were colder for the first few years. Enough so that I had a Meyers lemon and Palo Verde tree die to the ground along with a lot of Salvias. I suspect it is still very possible for us to return to those kinds of winters. Harder for us are the draught years which have also been better for quite some time now.

Looking forward to seeing these new seedlings in the ground flowering soon!
Mark in California

Q: "Do you ever sit down?"
A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

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Regina, Saskatchewan

A Seeding We Will Go!

30 Mar '08 11:40 am
Hi Mark. I've heard it can get real cold in the desert, but I understand it is a rare occurrence. It's strange but I never thought that cold in the desert would kill plants.

As for GardenGnome Central, my crew of little gnomes have been seeding like crazy. Mom (that's Deb's mom, by the way) has been coming over nearly every day and there are some developments to report. Here is a list of what we have seeded so far:

Portulaca (mixed colors)
Sunflower (Mammoth Russian) - 5 inches tall already!
Sunflower (Maximilian)
Tomato (Earlianna)
Morning Glory
California Poppy
Aster (Dwarf and regular size)
Cosmos (Ladybird Mix)
Blanket Flower
Nasturtium (Jewel and Alaska, also a climbing variety)
All Red Mix
Marigold (3 or 4 different kinds and sizes)
Dwarf Dahlia
Calendula (single and double)
Four O'Clocks
African Daisy
Columbine (mixed colors)
Sunflower (Velvet)
Pampas Grass
Rose Mallow (Silvercup)
Stargazer Dahlia
Snapdragons (mini and tall)
Straw Flower
Gelato Red
English Daisy

And there are more yet to be seeded! And!! We have 24 geranium plants, 11 coleus, 2 mini roses, a German Ivy and a Lamium. Then! There are our house plants, a Wandering Jew, a Spider plant, 3 african violet, 2 polka dot plants, 2 cactii, and a venus fly trap.

Downstairs we have 8 mini roses that have survived the winter and have begun new growth under a grow light. There are also 2 plastic bags full of roots and tubers from last year. We are yet to see if any of these have survived.

I managed to get new walls put up on the greenhouse the other day. Since then we've had another inch of snow so I haven't had a chance to finish the job. I need to put new plastic on the greenhouse doors.

Oh yes, late breaking news! I needed to buy hinges for the greenhouse doors, so off to Home Depot Deb and I went. As we headed into the store I told Deb "Only hinges! We are just going to pick up hinges!" I found what I needed and we left with the hinges...

and 4 bags of bulbs. :shock: #-o

:roll: They had a sale. Buy 3 get one free. So we got Tiger Lily (2 bulbs in a pack), a beautiful white with yellow center Oriental Lily (also 2 bulbs/pack), a lovely Strawberry Ice Cactus Dahlia and a 5 bulb bag of Dinnerplate Dahlias (mixed colors).

And two shiny new hinges. :mrgreen:

Now I have to juggle plants and seedlings until the greenhouse is ready. Image

Ta Ta For Now!

Christopher Image
A Gnome's at home in his garden.

Home gardener & plant fetishist
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Berkeley, California, USA

Well, you know ..

30 Mar '08 12:01 pm
so long as those bulbs were on sale, really, the more you buy - the more you save! Think of how much money you must be ahead! All this talk of saving money reminds me I need some little feet to put under some pots. With any luck there'll be a chance for me to save some money too.

I spent this morning merselessly cutting down lanky growth. (That really is the best way to do it.) My pathways are no longer pathways there is so many trimmings. Then I took the ladder out to my fig tree and cut down a couple of cubic meters of beautiful passion vine. It had to be done now or concede the fig tree over to the passion vine once and for all. It fought well but the fig tree is free for at least one more season.

Grow you seedlings, grow! The warm season will soon be upon you.
Mark in California

Q: "Do you ever sit down?"
A: "All the time until the urge to 'play' some more becomes too strong."

Canberra, Australia

30 Mar '08 1:26 pm
"Only hinges! We are just going to pick up hinges!" I found what I needed and we left with the hinges...
and 4 bags of bulbs.

I know the feeling. :lol:


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